Top 5 Challenges of Field Service Management in the Medical Industry Thursday, October 28, 2021 | Field Service Management

Field Service Management is a considerable challenge that is faced by almost all businesses, from manufacturing to the Medical Industry. It involves a broad spectrum of coordination where the organization faces problems. Additionally, with the administrative & technical aspects of field service management, organizations require effective & efficient strategies to balance the workforce, improve customer experience, and increase profitability.

Well, every industry tries its best to overcome the challenge, but it is a herculean task for field service managers to achieve their targets. This is where the advent of Field Service Management Software comes into existence & simplifies the field services for organizations.

Today, we will discuss what Field Service Management Challenges are raised in Healthcare Industry and how they could be solved with Field Service Management Software.

Let’s take a glance below:

Challenge 1: Inferior Work-Order Management

As Covid-19 hit the entire world, the Healthcare Industry faced disturbed work order management. At that time, Workforce monitoring has become a basic requirement of healthcare organizations. They face problems in route covering, working hours, and the number of work orders performed each day. All such factors badly affect the effective work order management of the hospital.

This is where Healthcare organizations consider Cloud Field Service Management Software and record the improved work order management. However, FSM Software is easy to deploy & use, which helps organizations to proceed a quality work order management.

Challenge 2: Records & Data Maintenance

In a highly regulated Medical Industry, it’s difficult to manage industry data & patients records via pen and paper. It can increase the chance of duplicity and data loss. Moreover, it becomes more complicated in today's pandemic-affected environment where the healthcare industry has to take every step with more caution.

This is where a field service management software can mobilize your employees and eliminate the paper-pen manual recordings. It can help you easily record & capture accurate data before your field experts can complete the work orders. Does it have the real-time data transfer functionality where users can easily manage every detail from how much time a task will consume to where that work order is from?

Challenge 3: Maintaining Communication with Customers

During field services, customers are more likely to want to stay in touch with the service provider. In any situation, if your provider is late or if you have to cancel that service, it helps you to build a credible relationship with your customer.

Being responsive to clients gives them a feeling of being valued. This is where a reputable Field Service Management software helps you easily connect with your customers via smooth access on mobile phones.

Challenge 4: Intelligent Scheduling and Dispatching

Due to the high demand for healthcare services worldwide, it becomes quite difficult for Industries to manage scheduling and dispatching. As the number of patients increased day after day and requirement recording of every patient created a big mess across healthcare Industries.

This is where a field service management software maintains automated scheduling and dispatching by assigning the right person at the right time. With the assistance of cloud FSM software, the patient's request is recorded, and automatically, the best-suited agent is assigned to that customer based on their location and service required. On the other hand, it accesses accurate details, including location, skills, equipment required, and a lot more to dispatchers.

Challenge 5: Requirement for Centralized work Operations

The majority of Healthcare Organizations face a barrier of centralized operations. Simply said, having a single view on all activities like Inventory, technicians, real-time reporting, location tracking, and a lot more. Sometimes, it becomes complicated to manage such factors from different platforms and lose work efficiency.

This is where the 360-degree Dashboard & advanced Performance Analytics of Field Service Management software record every detail on a single platform. It is one roof under which a user can keep track of every activity performed under every request raised by a customer.


In conclusion, Field Service Management is all about defining field service standards and uphold them with their high-end functionalities. Well, Bearing such challenges but failing to act will reflect inefficiencies and losing combats with a competitive player. Thus, it is suggested to go with a reputable Field Service Management Software that can help you overcome such challenges.

If you are seeking the best Field Service Management Software, Talygen is one of the best Field Service Management Software. Talygen’s FSM built-in advanced functionalities include a mobile-first approach, video tracking, Real-time data transfer, Intelligent Assignment, and so forth.

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