The Ultimate Guide to Manage Your Remote Employees Anytime

Friday, February 16, 2024 | Remote Team Management Software


Many companies now let employees work from home, part-time, or all the time. The change gives workers more freedom, and businesses find it helpful. If you are thinking about doing this, you might have questions about how it works. Some companies are called "remote-friendly," meaning they let workers sometimes work from home. Others are called "remote-first," where everyone works from home because there are no offices.

If you are starting a remote-first company and are ready to manage your remote team, consider using Talygen. The top-notch remote employee management software helps businesses control their operations and keep their teams connected and productive.

The guide is for companies thinking about letting their employees work from home sometimes, and the businesses planning to allow working from home can use it too. If you only plan to let employees work from home once a month, you might not need to change much. But if you are going for more days, there are some essential things to consider, like systems, processes, and tools you should remember.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips for making a work-from-home policy:

According to Flex Jobs, 95% of people say they do just as much or even more work when they work from home. Plus, 51% of them feel they're even more productive.

But really, there's not much to worry about. If someone can work well from home, they are likely a good fit for your team. We all want to hire accountable people, take the initiative, and motivate ourselves. Before going on to the benefits and give some essential tips for creating a work-from-home policy, let's address some concerns employers often have:

Low Productivity

Some worry that people will slack off or not work as hard at home.

Data Security

Are employees using secure networks to work from home?

Technical Issues

What happens if software or hardware stops working?


Will employees need help to balance work and personal time?


How do we make sure everyone stays informed?

Moreover, Talygen's online time tracking with screenshots can solve many of these problems. The best time-tracking tool for big teams should be easy to use and have useful features.

Accessible for Everyone

It should be simple for many people to use and keep track of their time.

Manage Projects Easily

It helps create and manage projects without any complications.

See Time in Real-Time

You can check and record time as you go, ensuring everything is up-to-date.

Create Custom Reports

Make reports that fit your needs, showing individual or team activities.

Works with Other Tools

It should work well with other tools for teamwork and updates. Use it on any device you like - phone, computer, or tablet, whatever you prefer.

Keep Things Secure

It lets you control who can see what, so your information stays safe.

Grow with Your Team

You can get bigger as your team grows, adjusting to your needs. Get reminders to track your time so you can catch it.

Grow with Your Team

You can adjust to fit your needs as your team grows.

Advantages of Letting Employees Work from Home

Some people wonder about the good things about working at home; having questions is okay. Only some people like working remotely, but for those who do, it can bring joy. Employees who get to work from home sometimes feel happier than those who are always at the office. It is because it can make their lives better in many ways. With Talygen, you can learn about these advantages and see how working from home could improve your life.

Fewer Sick Days

Employees take fewer sick days when they can work from home, even under the weather. They don't have to risk spreading illness to others in the office and can rest up to get better faster, all while still getting work done with Talygen's time tracking software with screenshots.

Increased Flexibility

Working from home offers more flexibility than fixed office hours. Team members can handle personal tasks like home repairs, waiting for deliveries, or dealing with paperwork while managing their work schedule. They also have more time for family activities, like picking up kids from school or taking them to sports practice, with the help of Talygen's time tracking with screenshots feature.

Reduced Commuting Stress

No one likes sitting in traffic or changing buses to get to work. Long commutes make people tired and less able to work well when they get there. Talygen's time tracking with screenshots helps by letting people work from home. It means they don't have to spend time traveling to work so that they can be more productive.

More Work Options

FlexJobs says working from home has become much more common in the last 12 years, growing by 159%. People are looking for jobs like this perk, so companies must keep up to compete.

With Talygen, businesses can offer remote work, attracting great workers who like flexibility more than big salaries. Letting employees work from home a few days a week can make getting to work more accessible for them.

Expanding Your Talent Pool

By switching your employees to remote work using Talygen's time tracking with screenshots, you can hire people from anywhere in the world. Managing a remote team beforehand helps you handle any issues and enjoy the advantages of having a diverse team from different places.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Using Talygen's time tracker with screenshots for remote work saves a lot of money for both companies and employees. Businesses can spend on office other than supplies and kitchen stuff. Employees also save money because they don't have to commute to work, buy food outside, or spend on work clothes. Offering remote work can help companies hire and keep talented people who prefer shorter commutes.

All businesses need to know that keeping an eye on employees boosts productivity. With Talygen's great tools for monitoring remote teams, you can improve your team's work, no matter where they are. Who doesn't want a team that gets more done? With Talygen's remote employee monitoring tools, you can make it happen and also make your company more flexible and efficient.

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