Keep your Projects on Track with Construction Project Management Software.

Do you find your business operations trapped while tracking and managing projects? A single issue can cause the entire project to be delayed, so Talygen provides the fully-functional construction project management software for builders to manage multiple projects easily. It lets you smartly deal with your projects and caters to an exceptional client experience, which is what they are looking for.

Utilizing automated project management software can benefit contractors in varied ways, including simplifying resource scheduling that can save a chunk of time from focusing on other core activities, automation restricting costly human errors, providing an easier way to work, and more.

Talygen is a worldwide-trusted and best project management software for construction businesses because of its precise and intuitive functionalities. The software provides a simple yet powerful user interface that ensures streamlined project management. Above all, its next-gen resource scheduling, project tracking, and automated client invoicing encourage every organization to grow and stay ahead of the competition row. Talygen believes in delivering simplification alongside advancement so that organizations can easily adopt growth opportunities for a longer duration.

If you want to simplify your construction projects with advancement, Talygen can help you get the best automation technology. This cloud-based construction project management software can change the future of your construction business.

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Overview of Talygen’s Construction Project Management Software Features

Manage-project Manage project budgets and timeline

Track project progress Track project progress

Complete-projects-visibility Complete projects visibility on a single screen

Project-time-management Project time management

Gantt Chart Data-rich Gantt charts

Kanban view Kanban view

resource utilizationBetter resource utilization

stakeholders Collaboration with stakeholders

Cloud Storage Secure cloud storage

bulk projects Manage bulk projects

online work diary Set up an online work diary

automated timesheets Generate automated timesheets

Detailed Project Planning

Create a disciplined project plan to address streamlined project completion in a decided timeframe. For effective project planning, Talygen follows a hierarchy to break down your projects into different milestones, tasks, and sub-tasks to make them more simplified. Every milestone, task, or sub-tasks is created with clearly assigned resources, start and end dates, and targeted deadlines. Precise project planning eliminates conflicts, employee chaos, and task repetition. Talygen ensures an effective project roadmap to lead your business toward its objective successfully.

Optimum Resources Utilization

Assigning the right worker at the right time is one of the biggest hits behind a successful project, and that's what most businesses need more of. Talygen makes it easier for contractors to discover project requirements and utilize the best-fit resource to ensure faster service resolution and operational efficiency. Besides smart resource scheduling, the software ensures effective resource management to keep a sharp track of working hours, monitor idle times, and maximize each employee's utilization. The software provides real-time insights that make it easier for employers to check employee availability and schedule quickly.

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

All companies require employees to communicate with each other. Sometimes, team members will need to communicate with each other even when they are located in different locations. Talygen features a smart dashboard, real-time insights, and instant communication modes that streamline smooth communication and collaboration. Project managers can share real-time updates anywhere and anytime through their mobile phones, which can lead to hassle-free communication among project managers and employees to meet the project deadline beyond the expected deadline.

Track Real-time Project Progress

Utilizing Talygen’s construction project management software, contractors can effectively track real-time project status and evaluate project progress. Contractors can keep track of the centralized dashboard and accurately evaluate the multiple project's progress in the loop. The software provides real-time data visualization where contractors can easily spot errors and keep their projects on track. In Talygen best project management software for construction, the smart dashboard automatically represents project insights in easy-to-understand and creative Gantt charts or Kanban views for complete transparency into project status.

Secure Cloud Documents Management

Project documentation is one of the crucial and sensitive assets for construction project management. Talygen allows a secure cloud document storage where contractors can safely store their documents on cloud servers and eliminate the risk of data loss, theft, or any information leakage. The software also encourages restrictive access where contractors can limit the data access for the required authorities. It is also a great alternative to manual document management and saves time.

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