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Having the best CRM for the real estate industry has become integral in today's competitive industry. Our CRM software helps real estate companies stay organized and competent so that nothing can fall through the cracks.

Here at Talygen, we continually focus on the latest technologies and innovative techniques that work better for real estate businesses to grow. Talygen contributes the best strategies and tools from planning to closing end deals.

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned player, Talygen has all the necessary tools and techniques to complete your real estate business with today's top players.

Talygen allows you to access & track every detail on a single advanced dashboard

Talygen facilitates an advanced dashboard that provides a clear view of leads, accounts, contacts, and other activities. The dashboard includes multiple widgets and seamlessly manages the entire business via a single pane of glass.

Talygen manages all of your Real Estate Client data In One Place!

Maintaining years of records and sensitive details is a cumbersome task. Here at Talygen's CRM, realtors can maintain and keep track of the entire data in one place. Plus, one can easily and fastly store and access information, photos, and videos in no time.

Talygen Increases Operational Efficiency with Leads Management

Talygen's CRM Software for Real Estate businesses is very versatile. It can collect, manage, and follow up all the leads until their conversion into customers. Furthermore, users can develop, edit, or manage leads after importing or exporting them.

Talygen's all-in-one CRM Software has been assisting realtors since 2014. The Real Estate CRM Software facilitates all the features and resources that a real estate business needs to scale up its business.

A Real Estate CRM understands and tracks all practices that can slip through the cracks. To avoid these errors, try Talygen for free by visiting

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Core Highlights of Talygen's Real Estate CRM Software

Client Data Management Client Data Management

Quality Leads Generation Quality Leads Generation

Leads Management Leads Management

Consistent Follow-Ups Consistent Follow-Ups

Advanced Reports Analysis Advanced Reports Analysis

Social media Integration Social media Integration

Campaigns Management Campaigns Management

Accounts Management Accounts Management

Instant Email Notification Management Instant Email Notification

Manage Deals/Contracts Manage Deals/Contracts

Sales Tracking Sales Tracking

Effective Client Communication Effective Client Communication

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CRM Advanced Dashboard

High-End Dashboard Presentation

Talygen offers an advanced CRM dashboard that showcases and enables high-end views of accounts, leads, activities, and contacts. Users can effortlessly manage the dashboard by adding multiple widgets per their business requirements.

Lead Management

Simple Process of Managing Your Leads

Talygen offers efficient Customer Relationship Management Software that allows users to efficiently manage leads. Users can create, edit and manage leads followed by the exporting and importing of leads. Once the leads are collected, it is essential to manage them and follow up until they qualify to prospective customers or to a client in the Talygen system. With the Timeline, users can view the log and activities done regarding the lead with time. They can add notes and attachments related to leads and send them to other users or clients via emails.

Account Management

Full-Proof Access of Users

Every organization has an account that includes the company's address, number of employees, and other essential details. Talygen's intuitive CRM software helps users associate this account with contacts (persons) within the company and other potential business opportunities during pre-sales funnels. The Timeline shows the activities done on accounts. The listing screen shows the details of different added products. Users can also add notes and attachments and share them with others.

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Managing Your Sales Cycle

Deals are the most critical records to generate revenues for the organization. Talygen's Customer Management System allows deals to undergo a complete sales cycle that commences with identifying prime prospects and end up with turning them into deals. It has a sales cycle that includes sending sales quotations and business negotiations.

Campaign Management

Tracking of Campaigns

Talygen's CRM System has a Campaign Management module that enables users to plan and keep track of the campaigns, including campaign planning, preparing the mailing list, etc. Campaign Management helps in planning, execution, and campaign monitoring in an organized way.

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