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Best Cloud based Online Project Management Software/System

Talygen offers an enterprise level Best online Project Management System. Its intuitive and advanced features help you to successfully complete Projects before their assigned deadlines. Companies can easily establish and strengthen Client relationships, plan and track a Project’s progress, assign Tasks, run Campaigns, monitor Employees, and much more. Talygen’s integrated suite of services allows Businesses to manage their core workflows via a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. This allows Users to maintain a record of all their activities in their Talygen account for future reference. Our User-friendly Website, Desktop and Mobile applications enable Users to manage their Projects from anywhere.

Project Dashboard

View all your project in one place

Talygen's Cloud based online Project Management software dashboard offers a 360° overview of a project's status, insights, and data points. It aggregates data from all significant project touchpoints. It combines them into a single interface so both the project manager and the team can get the necessary information at a glance.

ToDo List

Your everyday companion

Talygen ToDo list is everything you have to do, with the latest tasks at the top of the list and the older ones at the bottom. Users can sort the tasks listing as per their convenience. Tasks are viewed in a Kanban and card view along with the summary of the week. The list gives you a search option that can be collapsed if not required.

Project Kanban View

Change status with simple drag and drop

Talygen Kanban view is a visual way to see your project bases on its status. This view distinct the project in different columns as per your project status. Users can change the status of these projects by simply dragging and dropping the project from one status to another. The cards represent a summary of the projects, and the user can also get a quick glimpse by switching to a quick view.

Project Card View

Color coded card for easy viewing

Talygen Card view is a visual presentation of user's projects and tasks that are assigned to them. This view shows the project and tasks in a color-coded box which represents the status of the project or task. This visual representation makes it easily identifiable and depicts the status of the project and task. The user can change the status of the project or task right from the screen, sparing extra clicks. The user can start the timer from the card without jumping to the time track screen to track time.

Manage Gantt Chart

Intuitive and Easy to Manage Gantt Chart

Talygen provides an advanced Gantt Chart creator. An entire chart can be managed from a single screen. To manage the Gantt Chart, users have a variety of options, such as the ability to create and edit a Team, view details, edit Projects, sync Project progress, and much more.

Road Map

Graphical Overview of your Projects

Talygen road map feature enables you to see an overview of your project in a timeline format. You can view one or more project progress at the same time by selecting multiple projects. The road map shows you the phases, stages, and milestones that have been set or achieved during the project.

Quick View

A Quick glanse of your project

Talygen quick view is a summarized version of the project detail. Users will see a summary of the project. Quick view also allows you to add files and share them with your fellow team members. This view also shows the list of team members involved in the project, and they download the shared files from the same quick view screen. The task of the project is shown in the quick view for easy tracking.

Manage Project Layout

Create custom columns and group

Talygen project layout lets you create custom columns as and when you need them. You can set up columns with different field types like a single line, integer, decimal, date, checkbox, and radio. You can create multiple groups and arrange the columns into other groups.

Manage View

Setup your own view

Talygen project listing shows you the details of the project in a predefined listing format. But to give the user a slight edge over the solution, manage view allows the user to set up their custom views, select the columns they want to see, and arrange them in an order suitable to their needs and requirements.

Project Reports

Reports that fully detail and analyze a project

Talygen’s Project Report feature empowers Managers to track the progress of a Project. The online Cloud based project management software/system provides detailed reports regarding the work completed for a Project by the assigned Employee. Managers can effortlessly monitor Project reports for a detailed analysis of the progress of a Project. This enables them to quickly identify any bottlenecks and modify the Project plan to address them.

Project Request Feature

Get repeat work from your clients

Talygen offers a unique Project Request feature that aids Organizations in winning repeat business from existing Clients. Clients can easily and quickly request a quote for work on a new Project. This allows the Company to quickly respond with a quote for a new Project. Once the quote has been accepted by the Client, Project Managers can begin work on it immediately.

Manage Project Template

Customized templates for your needs

Talygen allows you to be more flexible while you work on a project. The web based online project management software module offers many features, but you can customize the ones you need to work more efficiently. Users can create custom project templates that allow them to choose only those features they want to use and exclude the rest of the features. Users can also create multiple project templates for different kinds of projects.

Additional Time Requisition

Submit time requests for unfinished task

Users are assigned tasks with fixed timelines, but if the user cannot finish the task in time, they can request additional time. Their project manager or client approves time extension. The approved time will be adjusted in the task duration and automatically adjusted in the project time without any hassle.

File Sharing

Share documents within the Team members

Keep all your project related files and data in one single place. You can upload multple files and select right for each file. Single file can be shared with one user or multiple users within the same project. Talygen file shairing also allows you to share files with client.

Online Project Management Tools Module
  • Import/ Export Bulk Projects
  • Virtual User
  • Work Diary
  • Cloud Storage
  • Message Board
  • Set Expense Limit
  • Socialize/Online Chat
  • Setup Phases And Stages
  • Website, Desktop And, Mobile Applications
  • Time Tracker
  • Client Login
  • Project Report
  • Bulk Time Entry
  • Resource Scheduler
  • Project Request Feature
  • Gantt Chart And Road Map
  • Project Wise Configuration Setting
  • Timesheets
  • Activity Log
  • Clone Projects
  • Flag Track Entry
  • Track Project Progress
  • Global Task For Projects
  • Activity Tracker/Screenshots