Field Service Management Software

Let Your Technician Work From Anywhere


Field Service Management

Talygen offers an advanced, feature-rich, Field Service Management (FSM) software for small, medium, and large businesses. This help them to prepare , plan, fix, document, and invoice all your field service activities through a single pane of glass. It tracks different field operations and helps to boost service activities by registering the service calls, completing the work orders on time, and managing your invoices effectively.

Mobile-First Approach

Proactively boosting customer satisfaction

Our best-in-class Field Service Management Software is compatible with the tools that locators, supervisors, researchers, and Admins use in the field. Using the FSM system’s mobile field app, the service technicians can view their schedules and receive dispatches on their phones. They can mark work orders as complete as soon as they finish the job.

Real-Time Data Transfer

Being data-driven to keep track of it all!

How much time will a job take? Was the invoice sent? Where is that work order form? Our Field Service Management application consolidates data across numerous devices and then provides answers to researchers and supervisors. Data is shared back and forth in real-time, so your team is always equipped with updated information.

Job Scheduling And Dispatching

Modernize field service with dynamic scheduling

Stay on top of your schedule at all times. Our FSM application is powered by artificial intelligence to assess any number of variables in a split second. With information like customer location, work order, service technician availability, inventory, and more, it can determine the best possible appointment in real-time.

360° Dashboard & Performance Analytics

Insightful reporting for field service

Get the most out of your team and processes with our intuitive reporting that makes life easier for both the technicians and clients. Our Field Service Management reporting helps you analyze all of your data, whether it’s related to how efficiently your scheduling system is working, how long it takes for each technician to complete certain jobs or even your customer service efforts.

Work Order Management

Managing work orders for seamless service

Our FSM application registers and plans every service order, understands the issue and automatically schedules the best technician for the task with the right equipment. After a job is received and assigned, the technician can update the work order. The supervisor can track the progress of work orders by the specific technician.


Service Level Agreement policies to scale your business

SLA (Service Level Agreement) for a Ticket binds the service commitments that must be met by the technicians. The Admin can set the Response Time and Resolve Time alerts. Our FSM Software aligns SLAs and contracts with your service operations.

Connected Digital Workflows

Know your customers

With customer data like address, contact details, and service history available on mobile devices, Field service technicians can arrive on-site with complete background information. It eliminates the need to search for crucial information or repeatedly ask customers to explain their issues. Everything the service technicians need is available via a mobile app right at their fingertips!


Managing repeated or duplicate issues

Our Field Service Management solutions help Users to merge two or more Tickets into one Ticket. Users can select one Ticket as a Primary Ticket, which will serve as the new Ticket, and all the other Tickets will become secondary. All the secondary Ticket's information will still be accessible from the latest Ticket.

Features of Field Service Management (FSM) Module
  • Work order management
  • Centralized customer portal
  • Mobile-first Approach
  • Merge
  • Job scheduling and dispatching
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Route Planning and GPS Integration
  • Inventory management
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Real time data transfer