Maximizing Outsourcing Success: Strategies and Tools for Managers

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 | Remote Team Management Software


A lack of direct oversight can make project delivery challenging for managers who outsource work to remote contractors, freelancers, or offshore teams.

How can you ensure outsourced workers remain focused and productive and communicate issues without regular in-person contact or visibility?

Powerful remote employee monitoring tools offered by Talygen provide visibility, productivity features, and data-driven insights to master outsourced work.

However, first we need to understand:

The Challenges of Managing Outsourced Workers

Outsourced teams operate outside your organization without direct supervision. This creates some distinct management hurdles:

Communication Gaps

Communication issues can develop without frequent in-person meetings and interactions. For offshore outsourced teams, different languages, time zones, and cultural barriers compound this.

Minimal Observability

You cannot observe progress and processes directly when work is outsourced. This makes gauging productivity and efficiency challenging.

Building Trust

Developing strong relationships and trust is much more complicated with outsourced workers you rarely see face-to-face. Lack of confidence can negatively impact work.

Unknown Distractions

You have minimal visibility into what distractions like family, TV, and chores that remote outsourced workers face. This can derail productivity.

Worker Isolation

Outsourced workers may feel isolated without the social connections and collaboration of an in-office environment. This can decrease engagement.

How Talygen Helps You Manage Outsourcing

Talygen provides powerful capabilities with its remote employee monitoring tools tailored for managing outsourced workers:

Automated Random Screenshots

Random snapshots of contractor screens let you see work done in real time. This provides visibility into progress and status without micromanaging.

Time Tracking

By capturing time spent on tasks, projects, and communication, Talygen reveals insights into productivity patterns, efficiency, and capacity across outsourced teams.

Activity Monitoring

Talygen helps curb distractions and reinforce productivity among outsourced teams by detecting periods of inactivity. This keeps them focused.

Instant Notifications

Keep your team and vendors/contractors looped in via in-app messaging and notifications with Talygen communication features. This facilitates information flow.


Talygen seamlessly integrates popular PM tools like Jira, Trello, and Asana to give comprehensive visibility across all outsourced work in one dashboard.

Customized Reporting

Robust reports tailored to your outsourcing needs give data-backed insights to spot issues, optimize workflows, and improve outsourced work.

Benefits of Using Talygen for Outsourced Teams

As an outsourced team management solution, Talygen’s remote employee monitoring tools offer compelling benefits:

Enhanced Communication

Per Talygen data, communication between in-house and outsourced teams improves by 28 percent on average, leading to better collaboration.

Boosted Productivity

Companies using Talygen for outsourced work see an average 17 percent productivity jump by reducing scattered focus and wasted time among contractors.

Objective Insights

Dashboards and reporting provide data-driven insights based on outsourced team patterns to inform better decisions around outsourcing.

Improved Work Quality

In a Talygen survey, 74 percent of managers reported increased work quality after adopting Talygen to monitor outsourced work through enhanced visibility.

Lower Costs

Talygen costs 23 percent less on average than traditional outsourced monitoring tools, based on Talygen ROI data, making it very cost-effective.

Higher Outsourcing Success

Companies using Talygen reported a 64 percent higher outsourcing success rate than those without a management tool.

Optimizing Management of Outsourced Teams

Lack of direct oversight makes outsourced work harder to manage. Solutions offered by Talygen’s remote employee monitoring tools give managers of remote outsourced workers the visibility, productivity features, metrics, and actionable data needed to drive results and ensure work stays on track.

Some tips to further optimize the management of outsourced teams include:

Set clear expectations upfront through a contract

This aligns both parties on responsibilities, deliverables, timelines, and communication protocols.

Maintain ongoing open communication

Set up daily check-ins via chat or calls to discuss blockers, priorities, and progress.

Build an effective reporting structure

Clearly define what metrics, reports, and updates you need from the outsourced team and when.

Provide timely feedback

Give regular feedback on work product and performance so outsourced teams can continuously improve.

Recognize great work

Motivate contractors by highlighting examples of good work and celebrating wins along the way.

Visit in person when possible

Occasional on-site trips help build stronger relationships and understanding with outsourced partners.

Managers can conquer outsourcing challenges by combining Talygen's powerful remote management capabilities with solid communication, reporting, and people practices. Your offshore, freelancer, or contractor workforce will be positioned to deliver maximum productivity, quality, and value. Leading global companies rely on Talygen’s remote employee monitoring tools to get the most from outsourced work.

About Talygen:

Talygen is a frontrunner in Cloud-based Business Automation Management. We aim to help businesses operate more effectively and generate higher profits by providing comprehensive solutions and services. With easy-to-use remote employee monitoring software, organizations can streamline their workflows by leveraging a unified suite of services available through a single cloud-based application.

Our platform empowers businesses to manage everything from project management to time tracking, invoicing, HR, and much more, all in one place.

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