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Automatic Time Tracking with Screenshots and Webcam shotsActivity tracking with Mouse Clicks and KeystrokesInternet Monitoring and Location tracking with GPSBuilt in Video Conferencing and Chat with Recording and File SharingAnalyze Workforce Productivity with advanced ReportsImprove Operational Efficiency, Easy, Secure & Cost-effectiveTrack & Monitor Daily Project Progress

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Effectively Managing Employees Who Work From Home

Amid the continued spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, more and more companies are asking employees to work from home. The biggest challenge that companies and managers face with remote working and work from home team management is to be productive and be able to monitor remote employees working from home. Fortunately, employee or remote work monitoring software like Talygen brings all the desired work from home team management tools for businesses looking to make the most out of their workforce power. Talygen offers you complete remote team monitoring solution by providing you the right working tools to manage your remote team employees, no matter where they are.

Features for Team monitoring, work from home

Team Time Monitoring Team Time Monitoring

Attach Files to Messages Attach Files to Messages

Define Multiple Teams Define Multiple Teams

Time Track Automatic Time Tracking

Send Direct Messages Send Direct Messages

Hierarchical Structure Hierarchical Structure

Bulk Time Entries Bulk Time Entries

Track Leads and Deals Track Leads and Deals

selectiveuse Inbuilt Ticket Management

Inbuilt Ticket Management Weekly Time Sheets

Cloud Storage File Sharing Cloud Storage File Sharing

Service Board for overview of Tickets Service Board for overview of Tickets

Screenshot Tracking Screenshot Tracking

Event Management Event Management

Direct/Group Chat Direct/Group Chat

Stealth Mode Screenshots Stealth Mode Screenshots

Asset Management Asset Management

Setup Meetings Setup Meetings

Track Activity Percentage Track Activity Percentage

Track Asset by Location Track Asset by Location

Send SMS Notifications Send SMS Notifications

Project Based Messages Project Based Messages

Asset Lifecycle Management Asset Lifecycle Management

Voice and Video Calling Voice and Video Calling

Translate Messages to other Languages Translate Messages to other Languages

Employee Management Employee Management

Remote Team Monitoring

Talygen offers one of the most feature-rich time tracking and remote team employee monitoring software. It helps monitor remote employees as if they are on the desk right next to you, ensuring that they are doing the job you hired them to do and not wasting their time and your money. The remote team working tools offered by this remote virtual team management software allow you to manage and monitor your remote employees from a centralized location from anywhere, at any time.

Various Communication Tools

With Talygen's employee monitoring software, you can supervise the work done in real-time with random screenshots, message boards, dashboards, and communicate with the team 24/7 through unified communication channels (chat/audio/video) effortlessly. Additionally, team members can also have seamless interactions with fellow teammates and clients with this work from home software. The remote team communication tool offers multiple collaboration features that makes it easier for teams to convene in a more organized and efficient manner.

Why Is Talygen The Best Employee Monitoring Software For Your Business?

Talygen comes with a complete remote employee management package and remote team working tools offering various remote workspace solutions, such as:

  • Real-time alerts with screenshots
  • Extensive reporting features
  • Single management dashboard
  • Detailed project monitoring
  • Unified communication channels

Accurate Time Tracking

Track the activities second by second and manage your remote team from a centralized location with remote team working tools. With our real-time remote team monitoring tool, you can view activities as they happen and manage instantly. You can also look into the activity logs of your employees to check and analyses their idle or active time. The time tracker helps in monitoring remote team without being noticed. It also helps you optimize your remote team by eliminating wasted time and utilize in important tasks in the future.

Improved Productivity

Check which apps and websites your remote workers spend most of their time using during working hours with work from home tools provided by Talygen and increase the accountability for your employees. The remote team management software also allows you to categorize all apps and websites your team is working on and divide them into productive or unproductive charts or reports. With a streamlined interface designed to boost focus, increase productivity and prioritize tasks, Talygen makes remote employee management easy and help you get more done in less time.

Organizing Your Projects

The remote team management software provides an intuitive platform to break projects into smaller tasks and assign to every team member accordingly, set priorities, so your whole team knows what they require to perform. The remote team tools it offers further helps in project management for remote teams improving estimates and increase profitability. The remote employee management system solves the problem of virtual teams to help organize documents and tasks, to make it easier for you monitor your remote teams.

Real-Time Monitoring

Talygen's automation screen tracker takes random and on-demand screenshots of your employees' screens, as per your preferred frequency. With Talygen's remote work monitoring abilities and employee monitoring solution, you will always have the exact idea of what your remote team is working on when they are working, and for how long they have worked. So, no matter how big is the outside crisis, you can be sure that in the long-term you are well prepared with a remote team solution that are equipped with the tools effectively managing remote team employees.

Get the Most out of Your Remote Working Team

By all means, smooth functioning of companies is critical to success and that has been affected badly by the recent chaos of Coronavirus. It's no longer safe for employees to go to their respective offices and perform their duties. That makes well established 'work from home' software and remote team working tools the need of the moment for businesses to stay productive, which further emphasizes the urgency of employee monitoring software to ensure work from home accountability. These tools help in managing a remote team in a holistic manner and make life easier for managers.

Stay Productive, Stay Ahead

Talygen's Remote Employee Monitoring Software is by far the best option to manage remote team employees and to ensure your employees don't slack off and utilize the current situation in your favor. To ensure your business can continue normal operations, you need a remote team working solution and tools that enable your employees to work remotely and maintain work from home accountability, productivity, increase connectivity, and provide secure remote access management across endpoints.
With the wide gamut of features and remote work working tools this work from home software offers, you can show that working from home can be equally productive for businesses out there, even in these difficult times.

Manage Work From Home Employees and Remote Workers Effectively