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Customer Relationship Management

Talygen offers efficient Customer Relationship Management software which empowers users to manage Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, and Clients. The Talygen application allows organizations to harness the power of automation for CRM. It allows users to organize, automate, and, synchronize business processes with the help of features like automated Invoices and documents, follow-up assessments, real-time analytics, and much more. This Sales Tracking Software offers an easy interface to manage sales.

Import Leads, Projects, Opportunities, and Clients in Bulk

Quickly Import Leads in Bulk

Talygen allows users to easily manage their Lead records. The intuitive CRM system allows users to easily import Prospect, Leads, Opportunities, and Clients via a CSV or Excel file. Users can import or export Leads in bulk, eliminating the need to manually enter details one by one into the application.

Track Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, and Clients

Retain Clients by Efficiently Tracking Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, and Clients

The Talygen CRM is perfect for storing information regarding Channels, Prospects, Managers, date of contact, last modified date, email, and much more. As Leads and Prospects are converted, the tracking continues through CRM software screenshots feature. Prospects, Leads, and Opportunities can be directly converted to a Client status as needed.

Additional Owners

Appoint an Additional Owner of a Lead

In Talygen's CRM system, a Business Manager can create an additional Manager for a Lead. Additional Managers act as the substitute Manager of the Lead as needed. A User will have all the rights and responsibilities of the main Manager when they are added as an additional Manager. However, the main Manager can still limit the access for additional Managers so that business policies are properly enforced.

Notes for Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, and Clients

Share Collaborative Notes with Clients

Talygen's Customer Relationship Management system allows Users to share Notes with not only their Clients but other Users as well. These Notes can be used for sharing of important information related to the Project.

Custom Columns and Reports

Create Personalized Columns and Reports

Talygen allows users to create personalized Columns and Reports to meet their personal needs. Any changes will be User specific and will meet all business rules put in place by the Organization.

Convert Leads into Projects

Easily Create Projects for Leads and Clients

Users can easily create Projects for any Lead or Client. Budgeting estimates can quickly be sent to the Client. Once approved by the Client, the Team can quickly begin work on any Projects that were created. Company Admins can easily track the Pipeline, set Goals for Team members, view in-depth Reports, and coordinate Workflow within the Organization.

Client Communication

Multiple Channels to Connect with your Clients

Talygen Customer Relationship Management Software allows users to connect with their clients in multiple ways. You have a numbers of mediums such as emails, message board, and notes through which you can communicate with your clients and interact with them regarding their projects and tasks.

Features of Customer Relationship Management
  • Track Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, And Clients
  • Convert Leads Into Projects
  • Notes
  • Track Sales
  • Manage Contacts
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Follow Ups/Reminders
  • Create Additional Contacts
  • Web And Mobile Applications
  • Products
  • Bulk Emails
  • Associate Clients
  • Import Leads In Bulk
  • Client Communication
  • Store And Share Documents
  • Information Related To The Client
  • Quotations
  • Email Templates
  • Maintain Contracts
  • Supports Sales Team
  • Create Additional Owners
  • Custom Columns And Report

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