Unified Communication

Enhancing Communication And Collaboration Between Your Teams And Clients

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Unified Communication

Unified Communication

Talygen offers a flexible and scalable Unified Communication module that enables your team to work more effectively, merging instant messaging, voice calls, video conferencing, and data sharing on your desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Talygen's Unified Communication module helps organizations overcome communication inefficiencies - focusing on making your business more efficient, connected, and productive. The software can help employees work remotely and build healthy relationships between the organization and its clients.

Remove Language Barriers and Communicate Better

Enable employees to translate all broadcasts and messages into the language of their option to maximize the effectiveness of all internal communications. With the most straightforward internal communication tool, they will understand company broadcasts better, reducing the probability of miscommunication and errors.

Voice Call

Talygen's unified communication module enables users to launch a convenient and secure voice conversation and upgrade it with enhanced collaboration services, providing an opportunity to engage in application sharing. Users can dial a call from a smart device or laptop as easily as picking up a phone. They can also jump from a voice call to a video call and text notes to a coworker. The entire communication happens within a single interface, from a single device.

Video Call

Face-to-face client communication is essential for all businesses, regardless of their size. However, meeting clients is not always possible, and that is why you need Talygen's advanced video conferencing service with real-time video and screen-sharing capabilities. Talygen's video call feature can easily accommodate long-distance meetings, webinars, voice calls, and face-to-face interactions where the subject matter is more complex than a typical voice call.

Send Messages By Project

Talygen offers a message board for users. Users can send messages related to any project. The message related to a project will only be delivered to the users associated with that project.

Instant Messaging

Talygen's instant messaging feature offers businesses the flexibility to have more efficient communication. A user can easily send messages and attachments to another user or client and keep track of the communication history using Talygen’s unified messaging capabilities. If you are in the middle of a phone call and need to get information from someone else, you don’t have to hang up. You can use instant messaging to contact the user as you continue the conversation.

Manage Tasks, Calendars, and Projects

Imagine you’re on a video call with your team. You’re strategizing and thinking of great ideas. Imagine a page refill with notes, tasks, and deadlines. All of this happens in real-time!

Sangoma and Ticketing Integration

With caller ID automation and integration, you can bring up all the interactions, including tickets, logs, and events that the caller can discuss. Talk about increasing the productivity of the conversation!

Chat Logs

Talygen records all chat conversations for easy and fast retrieval. Users can easily access all their chat logs at any time. These logs provide insight into important communication between your employees and clients, making it easier to track the communication history.

Create Group Chats

Talygen's unified communication module allows the chat owner to add multiple users to a group chat. The group chats enable teams to share information and interact with several users simultaneously. Users can also view chat log history within the group to simplify the communication process using the unified messaging capabilities.

Features of Unified Communication
  • Send messages Project wise
  • Instant Messaging
  • Effortless Navigation
  • Personalized Communication
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • View Communication History and Logs
  • Private and Secure
  • Document Sharing
  • Group Chat
  • Video Conferencing
  • Enhanced Security and Easy Access
  • Virtual Meetings & Conferencing
  • Direct Call Routing & Forwarding
  • Voice Call
  • Unified Messaging