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  • Easily Manage Applicants & Schedule Interviews
  • Minimize Paperwork with a Fully Online Experience
  • Optimize Job Board to Attract the Best Talent
  • Customizable Policies & Procedures Enable Efficient Offboarding
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HR Recruitment Tool to Ease Hiring Process

Cutting-Edge Hiring Software Talygen’s Job Portal Software organizes and increases a company’s hiring capabilities. The system allows managers to handle all parts of the hiring process electronically.

The Online Recruitment Tool manages and simplifies the company's hiring practices. Hiring managers can add various jobs for different departments with the job board tool. Users can apply for the jobs by using the job portal module to submit their resumes and documents.

Effortless Hiring Process Icon

Effortless hiring process

The Job Portal Tool offers a simplified job posting and hiring system. Applicants can upload their resume and other necessary documents directly from the job board. The hiring team can review the received resumes and schedule interviews through the applicant tracking system.

Manage Jobs And Applicants Icon

All-in-one solution to effectively manage jobs and applicants

Users can manage applicants easily. Job postings can easily be created and shared on multiple platforms to find the right candidate. As applicants apply for a job, the hiring team can review their resumes and other documents and contact the candidates to update their statuses accordingly.

Manage Future Prospectives Icon

Effectively Manage Future Prospectives

Talygen's job portal includes a talent pool that helps the team store ideal applicant's files and details.

Solutions For Consultants Icon

Enhanced Solutions for Consultants

Management consulting enables the hiring team to manage different hiring consultants. Consultants can be added to manage company services.

Off-Boarding System Icon

Efficient Off-Boarding System

Talygen's Policy Management System allows the HR team to create, manage, and control company policies and update the exit procedures. The HR team can create custom and multi-level approval groups for the handover process.

Customized Layouts Icon

Customized Layouts

Users can customize the job board layout. Users can create templates with external links for applicants to apply for open positions. It is easy to customize headers, footers, and messages for various positions and allows hiring managers to display a personalized look and feel to reflect the company brand.

Intuitive View Icon

Graphical View of Job Listings

Talygen provides a visually stunning representation of all available jobs. Users can easily transition between the listing and card views.

Create New Job Post Icon

Create New Job Posts

Managers can create requisitions for job postings. When the hiring manager receives the request for a job post, they can quickly approve it after analyzing it. Once the job post requisition is approved, it automatically becomes a live job posting on the company's website or any other job portal used by the organization.

Effective Reports Icon

Effective Reports to Manage Jobs and Applicants

Talygen's job portal tool includes a customizable report section that allows the hiring team to generate reports and keep track of applicant details and vacancies.

Data Number Fingerprints Icon

Internal, External, and Hidden Links for Job Postings

Talygen allows hiring managers to use internal, external, and hidden links for job postings. Internal links allow all employees to view the job post. External links allow outside users to view job postings. Only project managers and hiring managers can only view the hidden links.

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Make It Easier to Apply

Talygen's recruitment screening tool provides the company with an external link to use on its website or job board. Applicants can apply through these external links.

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Drastically Reduces Paperwork

Talygen's automated job posting, hiring, and applicant tracking system promotes minimum paper use. The system is environmentally friendly since users can apply for jobs online instead of filling out applications on paper. The decrease in paper usage automatically translates to additional savings for the company and the environment.

Features Of Recruitment Screening Tool Module

  • Job Postings Approval Chains
  • Hiring
  • Upload the File
  • Manage Applicants
  • Job Postings Reviewers
  • Internal/ External/ Hidden Link for Job Posting
  • Job Posting
  • Configure file size
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Job Posting Requisitions
  • Customized Design Template of External Link
  • External Link
  • Reduces Paper Cost
  • Track Job Posts Report
  • Customizable Job Board