8 Top Remote Work Tracking Software for Marketers in 2024

Friday, April 19, 2024 | Time Tracking Software


The marketing world is all about creativity and achieving results. However, monitoring project advancement, team effectiveness, and personal input in remote work can prove challenging. This is when time tracking with screenshots software becomes useful. Time tracking software gives you a valuable understanding of how your marketing team uses its time. This knowledge can help optimize workflows, enhance resource distribution, and improve marketing ROI.

This blog provides information about eight top-time tracking software for marketers in 2024. I also break down their strong points and things to consider:


Made especially for marketing teams, Talygen is more than just a time tracking with screenshots tool. It has all the features needed to smooth marketing processes and increase productivity. Unlike regular time-tracking software, Talygen can integrate with standard marketing tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Asana. This eliminates the requirement of manually entering data and guarantees that all your marketing actions are tracked in one place.

Talygen's vital reporting functions offer detailed looks at project deadlines, team results, and campaigns' progress. You can find places to improve, keep track of chargeable hours without difficulty, and get practical knowledge for making marketing choices based on data. Talygen's automation is what makes it truly unique. This tool sorts tasks according to marketing activities, produces valuable reports, and anticipates project obstacles. It helps you keep up with your timetable and enhance team productivity.


Clockify is a commonly used free time tracking application with simple functions such as timesheets, project monitoring, and reporting features. It can be suitable for small groups or teams with limited financial resources. Nevertheless, Clockify fails to provide the marketing-focused capabilities and combinations Talygen offers.


TimeCamp, just like Clockify, is a time-tracking program that has many uses and can be used in different industries. It also provides tools for budgeting projects, creating invoices, team cooperation, and other features. However, it lacks specific marketing integrations or reporting functions for business purposes in Talygen. Like Clockify, TimeCamp is a general-purpose time tracking software offering project budgeting and invoicing features. It also includes team collaboration tools but does not provide the specialized marketing integrations or reporting capabilities offered by Talygen.

Toggl Track

This free alternative records time on the web, desktop, and mobile. It provides basic report and project control features. However, you must upgrade to their paid plans if you want more understanding or marketing tools.


Paymo integrates time tracking with invoicing and project management. This could suit marketing teams who are in charge of directly dealing with client billing. However, the depth of its reporting functions might not be as extensive as Talygen's, and it is more centered on regular project management than tasks specific to marketing.

My Hours

My Hours is an easy-to-use time tracking software with simple features such as timesheets, reports, and team collaboration tools. It might be suitable for a single freelancer or small group of workers, but it needs more expandability and high-level functions needed by bigger marketing teams.


Deputy's primary purpose is workforce management software. It contains functions like scheduling, employee leaves, and timesheets. Although it can track time, it might not be created for marketing groups and may need more detailed project monitoring or reporting features necessary for marketing campaigns.


TrackingTime provides time monitoring, project budgeting, and fundamental reporting functions. Yet, its link-ups and reporting abilities might not be as extensive as Talygen's—an application made especially for marketing squads that offers a complete understanding of marketing activities and results.

Features to Look Out For in Time Tracking with Screenshots Software for Marketers

There are many software to track time, so picking one for your marketing team needs thought. Here are the essential elements:

Marketing Integrations

The solution must smoothly integrate with well-known marketing tools such as CRMs, marketing automation systems, and project management software. This eliminates manual data entry and guarantees that all marketing actions are monitored in a single location, giving you an overall picture of campaign results.

Tracking and Reporting of Project

The project tracking function helps you monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and perform duties as planned. Look for software that provides in-depth reports that provide insight into team performance, hours that can be billed, and the profitability of a specific project.

Automation by AI

Artificial intelligence can significantly improve your experience tracking time. Look for features such as automatic task sorting into different categories, forecasting project obstacles, and generating reports with valuable insights. These abilities save time, enhance estimation precision, and support data-based decisions.


For team acceptance, the interface must be easy to use. The software needs simple navigation and intuitive traits that reduce setup time and encourage your team members to track their time consistently.


As your marketing team grows, the type of time tracking you require will change. Select software that can grow with your business, giving you more features and functions to match the size of your team and the complexity of projects.


The type of time tracker with screenshots that is best for your marketing team will depend on what you need it to do and how much money you have available. Some general-purpose choices exist, but Talygen offers features, especially for marketing teams. This includes easy connections with standard marketing tools, automation using artificial intelligence (AI), and robust reporting abilities.

Talygen’s time tracking with screenshots tool helps give a total view of your marketing team's work efforts, which can assist you in improving processes, raising team efficiency, and ultimately achieving better results from your marketing activities.

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