How Can Organizations Benefit From Using Cloud-Based Time Trackers?

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 | Time Tracking Software


Time is one of the most valuable assets for any organization. If employees waste time during the workday, this can lead to important deadlines being missed. Also, as remote work continues to be popular among Millennial and Generation Z workers, managers need to find ways to ensure that employees are being productive. The most effective solution to these problems is to use cloud-based time-tracking software. There are many benefits to implementing cloud-based time-tracking solutions in the workplace. These benefits will be explained in more detail below.

What is Time-Tracking Software?

To start, we must first understand what time-tracking software is. Time-tracking software is used to measure how long it takes for users to complete a project or task. Many time trackers allow users to submit timesheets, so they can be accurately paid for the work they completed. Talygen is an example of a cloud-based time-tracking solution that companies can benefit from implementing into their workforces. Cloud-based time tracking software should be used so employees can log their time from anywhere and managers can easily access the data.

Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Time-Tracking Software

1. Keeps Employees Accountable

One of the main reasons that organizations should implement cloud-based time-tracking software is that it keeps employees accountable. As more companies shift to remote working models, some employees may slack off. Using time-tracking software will reflect whether or not workers are being productive on a daily basis. Some time trackers like Talygen include screenshot trackers so managers can see if employees were checking social media or online shopping when they were supposed to be working.

2. Improves Employee Productivity

Another reason why companies can benefit from using time trackers is that it improves productivity. If employees know they are being monitored throughout the day, they will be more productive on a daily basis. Managers can also detect any productivity roadblocks and work with the individual to eliminate them.

3. Pay Employees Accurately

Businesses should also use cloud-based time-tracking software to accurately pay employees. This is helpful for when companies work on billable projects for clients. Time-tracking software also helps ensure employees are paid accurately if they have to take time off or if they work flexible hours instead of a 9-5 schedule. These changes can also be reflected in the system’s timesheet function. With time trackers, these changes will be accurately reflected in paychecks. When companies use a cloud-based time-tracking solution, they can rest assured that this data will be secure at all times.

4. Streamline Performance Reviews

Cloud-based time-tracking software can also help streamline performance reviews. If a manager notices that it takes an employee a long time to complete certain tasks, they can bring this up during the next performance review. Therefore, employees’ duties can be shifted if they are falling behind in some aspects but succeeding in other areas.

5. Improves Employee Wellbeing

Another benefit that businesses can gain from using time-tracking solutions is that they can help improve employee wellbeing. When employees are working in remote and hybrid environments, they can easily fall into the habit of overworking. This can lead to burnout and high stress levels, so it is important for managers to catch this early on. Monitoring how long employees work each day can help managers detect any staff members that are overexerting themselves. Being mindful of employees’ mental health can also cause them to stay with the company longer and have them produce better, more meaningful work.

Potential Downsides of Using Time Trackers

While using time-tracking software does have many benefits, there are some disadvantages that managers should be aware of. One of these potential downsides is employees feeling like their privacy is being violated. To alleviate these concerns, managers should reassure their employees that the purpose of the software is not to spy on them but rather to ensure that they are productive on a daily basis. Managers should also let their employees know before they implement time-tracking software into the company. This way, employees will get used to the idea of their time being monitored.

Choosing a Time-Tracking Solution

There are many time trackers available on the market. Managers should look for one that is cloud-based so that data can be secure. Also, managers should look for a provider that has additional features such as project management, third-party integrations, and mobile app functionality. Many time trackers have online demos and free trials so managers can see the product in action before they integrate it into their company.

Companies of all sizes and industries can greatly benefit from using cloud-based time-tracking solutions. Cloud-based time-tracking software provides businesses with many benefits, including keeping employees accountable, improving employee productivity, ensuring that employees are paid accurately, streamlining performance reviews, and improving employee wellbeing. If organizations want to use the best cloud-based time-tracking software, they should use Talygen. Talygen includes all of the benefits and features mentioned above. To learn more about Talygen, visit to receive a product demo and review pricing packages.

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