Knowledge Base

Create a Centralized Repository
of Information


Knowledge Base

A good Knowledge Base is one of the most important requirements for an Organization’s supporting checklist. Keeping this in mind, Talygen offers an expansive Knowledge Base module. The Knowledge Base functionality provides a comprehensive, searchable database of important information related to the Company. With the support of this module, Users can create resources in the form of articles for the dissemination of information. It is a repository used to share Company related information with Users and Clients. The articles can be organized and managed into different categories and subcategories, so readers can easily find their desired article without wasting time.

Define Categories

Organize Articles into Categories

Talygen's Knowledge Base system allows Users to define and sort articles into various categories. The categorization of articles encourages proper distribution of the content. Adding an article to the appropriate category makes it easy for readers to determine which articles meet their needs.

Define Writing Duties

Assign Article Writing Responsibilities to Users

The Knowledge Base software allows Company Admins to assign article writing responsibilities to a specific User. It allows Admins to define Employee responsibilities related to writing articles based on resource availability, thus ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Article Visibility for Clients

Configure Client Access to Articles

The Knowledge Base module can be configured, so that Clients have access to the articles which are relevant to them. When creating an article, Users have the option to enable or disable a Client's access to it. This keeps a separation between Company only articles and those that are available to the Customers.

Draft Mode

Save as Draft and Publish it Later

Talygen includes features that allow Users to save an article as a draft. This allows Users to save articles as a draft and finalize changes prior to publishing it for everyone to read. This feature increases efficiency by enabling Users to switch between tasks and return to complete an article at any time.

Transfer Writing Responsibility

Change and Transfer Writing Duties

Talygen's Knowledge Base system gives Company Admins and Managers the ability to easily change and transfer article writing responsibilities. This comes in handy if an Employee is not available for official duties unexpectedly. A Manager can transfer the article to another User for completion.

Personalized Knowledge Base

Create your own knowledge base Repository

Talygen's Knowledge Base software enables Companies to create their own personalized Knowledge Base. It becomes a reservoir of important articles and information related to the Company. It helps improve processes and streamlines operations for an Organization. Users can easily retrieve requisite information at any time.

Track Article View

Keep a Historical Record of Article Views

Talygen allows Users to gather information on an article once it is published. The Knowledge Base system tracks number of times an article has been viewed by the readers. Statistics are displayed in real time.

Disable or Enable Copying of Articles

Restrict Readers from Copying Content

The Knowledge Base module allows Company Admins to restrict the readers from copying the content of an article. This maximizes the security of articles and eliminates the potential of articles being used inappropriately. The Admin can also disable the right click functionality of mouse in an article.

Features of Knowledge Base Module
  • Assign Article Writing Responsibilities
  • Define Categories
  • Define Sub Categories
  • Extensive Search Options
  • Transfer Articles Between User
  • Knowledge Base Available To Clients
  • Track Article View
  • Disable Copying of Articles
  • Encourages Collaboration
  • Seamlessly Share Knowledge
  • Configure An Article’s Visibility To Clients
  • Draft Mode for Article
  • Tracking Available Article
  • Personalized Knowledge Base
  • Increases Employee Engagement