Better Manage and Control your IT Assets with the best IT Asset Management Software

Businesses have spent millions of dollars to protect and manage their valuable IT Assets, but are you getting complete visibility of your assets?

Talygen, one of the industry-leading and best IT asset management software, allows you to optimize and better control your assets. It is a cloud-based, modern solution to monitor and manage your IT assets found in a particular secured network.

Talygen features various future-ready functions to keep your valuable assets tracked for the lifetime of your organization. It helps you manage both hardware and software assets anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your smartphone.

Talygen IT asset management solutions ensure a secure asset lifecycle by having a complete view of the organization's inventory and equipment, irrespective of their size, time, quantity, and complexity. The software keeps you updated with real-time details of your asset using mobile GPS location. As a result, businesses can cut down the workforce's manual efforts and save a chunk of time. Using Talygen’s GPS tracking functionality, users can also effortlessly find and store their assets in no time, which also helps them to save warehouse or any other maintenance expenses.

It also provides parent-child asset management to define and find an item or asset effortlessly. Implementing IT Asset management helps you avoid valuable asset damages, theft, or loss. The software facilitates RFID OR Barcode Scanning to ensure robust security for your business. It provides instant alerts if any item will cross the secured network or be missed from your premises.

If you want to accelerate security for your IT Assets, Talygen IT asset management solutions would be your best bet. To know more details, you can schedule a live demo.

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Key Highlights of Best IT Asset Management Software

Asset Lifecycle ManagementAsset Lifecycle Management

Mobile access ScanningMobile access Scanning

Real-time InventoryReal-time Inventory Management

asset analytic reports Automated asset analytic reports

barcode-scanningRFID/Barcode Scanning

Go PaperlessGo Paperless

Intuitive SmartIntuitive Smart dashboard

Sales/PurchaseSales/Purchase Order Management

Items Tracking Complete Visibility of Items Tracking

Time TrackerReal-time depreciation management

Manage AssetsManage Assets on-the-go

Inventory/Equipment Alerts on Inventory/Equipment check-out

Discover, Manage, and Monitor all your Assets

Talygen leverages robust remote support with feature-rich IT asset management software. Users can easily detect valuable hardware and software assets with real-time details and proactive tracking of IT assets. It builds an accurate database with time stamps and the asset check-in, check-out date, or any movement. In addition, users can also get real-time asset details, such as asset specifications, scan history, asset status, and a lot more in a single pane of glass.

Seamless IT Assets Tracking and Contracts

Keep tabs on all your hardware and software assets with their real-time status of the installation, movements, and so forth. Talygen IT asset management solutions provide you with complete visibility of your assets that help you instantly detect and resolve the problem before it affects your business productivity. Having a real-time track of company assets allows you to check its current status and make improvements or upgrades; if needed. Users can easily discover weak lines and prevent expensive downtime. Talygen asset tracking allowed you to keep a sharp track of IT contracts and notify you with advanced alerts to timely make corrective decisions and work effectively.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Get unparalleled visibility of your IT assets and manage them under control for their entire lifecycle, from purchase to end disposal. Talygen ensures automated IT asset management software, such as purchase, check-in, check-out, movements, depreciation, and final disposal. It saves time and encourages operational efficiency across your IT ecosystem. Users can get more accuracy by eliminating manual practices and managing the asset lifecycle effectively. When a user has complete control of the asset lifecycle, they can also foresee worthwhile purchases and update assets accordingly, which will generate increased business ROI.

Automated Dashboard and Reports

Make efficient and informed decisions with Talygen's one-stop dashboard and accurate reports analysis. Talygen allows you not to open multiple tabs, and it takes a lot of time to get asset details. The smart dashboard is a single pane of glass where users can get a complete picture of all hardware and software assets on a single screen. It eliminates the manual time-killing process and allows you to work efficiently with automation. Users can also efficiently generate automated asset reports analysis with a cloud asset database using flexible filters and multiple viewpoints. It simplifies your asset management reporting with accuracy and lets you evaluate quick results.

Mobile Asset Tracking and Management

Track and manage your company inventory anytime and anywhere through the comfort of your mobile phone. Talygen’s best IT asset management software functioned intuitive mobile scanning that simplifies business asset tracking and management. Users can get complete updates of company assets on their smartphones and instantly take corrective decisions anytime and anywhere. It also saves time and employee efforts to resolve issues and effectively manage assets that will positively impact business productivity. Users don't need to involve in manual long-conversations with end-users to grasp the needed update. In addition, users can also organize and monitor items placed in multiple locations using Talygen mobile-friendly scanning and GPS location tracking. Users can also get detailed asset information, including the asset's current location, its user, maintenance cost, depreciation, and a lot more on a smartphone.

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