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Utility Billing and Invoicing Software

Utility Billing and Invoicing

Talygen's utility billing software is feature-rich and easy to implement, deploy and use. It is a process-driven billing solution that fully automates invoicing based on sales and the customer lifecycle. It integrates with external smart devices, financial systems reporting engines, and other systems. Talygen generates online Invoices and offers numerous functionalities, such as setting up invoicing cycles, automated billing projects, invoice templates, item costs, variable discounts, and custom client contracts.

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Billing Automation

Companies can make the billing process easier by automating it. Users can set up the automation process by entering data and various conditions into Talygen's Utility Billing Software.

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Manage Billing

Users can easily manage company bills in Talygen. The amount of charges for a particular bill or invoice can be set and changed at any time. The type of currency and payment method can be designated. Employees and clients can view their billing history within Talygen. Users can also set limits on bills and invoices.

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Admin Configuration Panel

Admins can configure panels in the system according to company requirements. Through these panels, users can easily make appropriate changes to bills.

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Custom and Dynamic Reports

Users can create custom and dynamic reports within Talygen's Utility Billing Software. If a user notices an error in a report, they can flag it. Management can then fix the error. Exceptions can also be made according to any client or company needs.

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Talygen allows users to create custom bill formats. Users can add details and summaries to their invoices. Multiple statuses and frequencies can be set for invoices. Clients can pay for their invoices through payment gateways such as PayPal and Authorize.Net. Clients can also view their invoice history through Talygen.

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Client Features

Clients can be granted access to Talygen's billing and invoicing module. They can view their invoices, contracts, sub-contracts, and invoice information through the client module. Clients can also pay their bills and invoices through the client portal. Furthermore, clients can manage and edit their contact information.

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Other Features

Talygen's billing and invoicing solution has many other useful features. These features include notification and scheduler engines. Talygen also integrates with various payment gateways like PayPal and Authorize.Net so that clients can pay their bills online. The billing solution also integrates with Talygen’s CRM system to further organize and maintain customer information.