05 Aug,

Field Service Management: Top 3 Future-Proof FSM Software (Field Service Management)
Updated at: 05:03 PM

Field Service Management, sometimes also referred to as Field Service Automation helps you in syncing your office team with your distributed, on-field workforce. 

04 Aug,

Online Time Tracking For Remote Working Post COVID-19 (Time Tracking Software)
Updated at: 04:25 AM

In the Post COVID-19 era, it can seem as though nothing is certain. Huge swathes of your infrastructure may not seem as reliable as they once were, and the metrics and KPIs that once charted your path to success may seem far less meaningful. Moreover, you may feel that employee productivity has nosedived as your team grapples with the logistics of remote working.

31 Jul,

5 Good Reasons to Implement Performance Review Software (Performance Review)
Updated at: 06:25 AM

Performance reviews based on one’s perception can negatively impact any employee’s career growth. Therefore, to bring transparency, revamping the performance review management is necessary using a fully integrated performance review tool with a truly effective evaluation system and other functionalities.

31 Jul,

8 Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Recruitment Software (Hiring)
Updated at: 04:21 AM

Hiring can be time-consuming and cause financial strain if the organizations are not fully equipped with technology-rich solutions. To gain a competitive edge, organizations must possess a talented workforce and robust solutions. The highly qualified candidates are no longer hard to find and recruit as today’s online applicant tracking system accelerates recruiting and hiring processes.  

27 Jul,

Expense Tracking App: Top 4 Expense Tracking Apps for Entrepreneurs (Expense Tracker)
Updated at: 07:08 AM

One of the most important areas of business management, where start-ups and entrepreneurs find themselves scratching their heads, is expense tracking.  
An expense tracker is more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. The smallest, as well as the biggest, expenses are easily monitored, reported, logged, processed, and shared using modern expense trackers.

21 Jul,

Online Time Tracker: 8 Instant Benefits for Businesses (Time Tracking Software)
Updated at: 10:45 PM

Online time trackers help businesses and employees in increasing their productivity and helps them in being more creative in their approach towards the work. It has been found that time tracking tools can decrease productivity problems by up to 80%. In the past few months as companies were adapting to work from home working style, time tracking tools helped them to keep an eye on remote employees and ensure timely tasks delivery.

16 Jul,
15 Jul,

8 Tips To Enhance Employees Productivity (Employee Management)
Updated at: 01:24 AM

The importance of a well-organized employee management system is a requirement organization shouldn’t ignore. From increasing workforce productivity to helping organizations retain customers, employee management strategies are being prioritized globally. Many global business managers have strived to implement an effective employee management system, but not all have been successful. The reasons are endless.

09 Jul,

3 Unique Benefits of Advanced Screenshot Tool for Small Businesses (Time Tracking Software)
Updated at: 09:49 PM

Advanced Screenshot Tools go beyond the usual time trackers with a digital timer going on till stopped. Modern time tracking software with screenshot are offering some of the most robust and easy-to-use employee monitoring features for all kinds & niches of businesses. These daily work trackers are packed with some of the most advanced features, such as keyword logging, mouse click logging, cloud-storing screenshots, and so forth.

07 Jul,

5 Best Billing & Invoicing Tools for Startups (Billing and Invoicing)
Updated at: 11:32 PM

For a startup company, hiring an experienced person to manage bills & invoices may not be ideal. Managing bills and invoices are one of the trickiest tasks for new and emerging startup companies in any niche. Using Invoice Creator to handle invoices takes a lot of effort, time, and organization. With Talygen Modern Online Invoicing software, it simplifies the process for businesses to manage their billing and invoicing needs from a centralized, one-window interface without the need for additional specialized resources.

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