What features do you need in FSM Software for Healthcare Industry? Wednesday, November 10, 2021 | Field Service Management

In today’s competitive world, managing a large field workforce is not a cup of tea for businesses. Keep a sharp monitoring & track on every field job seems a cumbersome procedure. In such a situation, an advanced Field Service Management Software would prove a smart & worthy investment.

Did you know studies shows worldwide FSM market will expand upto 5.1 Billion USD by 2025?

Now, we come back to the Field Service Management Software. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software at its core. Basically, FSM is software that assists businesses to track & manage their field technicians to provide a better customer experience. It performs a great role in improving the effectiveness & efficiency in the existing work order management.

Now, if you have decided to go with the best Field Service Management software for your business, you must consider following features mentioned below:

Key Features you should look for in best Field Service Management Software

Field Inventory Management

One must consider the effective Field Inventory Management while choosing a right Field Service Management software. It ensures & helps the field technicians to carry & choose the appropriate tools for better customer experience. A renowned Field Service Management Software provides complete visibility of the entire field inventory locations & its availability to perfectly serve customers.

Install Base Management

Install Base Management is the another must-have feature that allow technicians to get history access of field asset history, inspection checklists, appointments record, equipment manuals and all other required details. As a result, the field manager can perform efficient work order management by decreasing downtime & improving operating performance.

FSM with Mobile-first Approach

Having a mobile-friendly software is one of the prioritize FSM functionality demanded amongst businesses. With the assistance of mobile-first approach, a field manager can smoothly streamline their all field operations through mobile phones. It helps you to send immediate assignments to your field technicians with complete customer information. Moreover, one can track & manage field operations, view work orders, capture customer’s digital signatures, view inventory and a lot more with a mobile app.

Customized Workflows

One must considered that selected cloud-based Field Service Management software allows you to optimize work order management & boost communication functions. There are some FSM Software has mobile access that keeps everyone informed of every field activity. It is beneficial for both field manager & customer.

Automated & Smart Assignments

Field Service Management Software supports Intelligent Assignment functionality to make field task assignment easier. With the help of smart assignment functionality, the field technician will automatically assign as per their client request, & location rose in the ticket. Alongside, it allows managers to review the assignment and made the possible changes; if needed.


So, these were few of the must have features that one must consider while choosing an ideal Field Service Management Software. Having mentioned features will make your FSM investment worthy for your business.

Are you also looking for FSM Software? You should consider Talygen’s Field Service Management Software. It is one of the renowned FSM Software offering all of the above-mentioned functionalities along with some exclusive functions that will help you improve customer experience.

For detailed insights, you can visit Talygen at www.talygen.com/fsm

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