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What Users Have to Say About Talygen's Features?

Customizable and Economical business expense tracking software to Automate Expense Management

Talygen offers a highly-intuitive and user-friendly Online Expense Tracking software to help all kinds of businesses in systematic and detailed expense tracking. This expense manager software allows to track and log all expenses of the organization in a centralized platform.

The expense tracking software allows users to easily enter detailed expenses and add expense receipts as attachments. The software automates the complete process of employee & budget expense controlling for all kinds of businesses. Managers can also upload business expenses in bulk made with excel sheets into the business expense tracking software in just a few clicks.

Talygen's all-inclusive Business Expense tracking Software empowers managers to set limits for expenses, surpassing which will send notifications via email.

The module allows you to track time on the go with a comprehensive Expense Tracking software. It is available on all leading mobile platforms, namely iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

Managing expense overdue made trouble-free with Talygen’s inbuilt expense management software for small business. It allows managers to ensure that the approvals are taken care of in a timely and simplified manner.

Talygen's all-in-one Online Expense Tracking software helps managers in organizing their expenses and reports in an automated manner. It allows businesses to generate simple yet powerful expense reports to help them better understand their organization’s business expenditures and savings.

Expense Report

Submit Expense Reports Online

Talygen's Online Expense Tracking software helps Users to easily enter their Expenses for Projects and Trips. They can send their Expense entries for approval and then get the reimbursement from their Company Authorities. In addition, they can enter Expense details and add all the receipts as attachments. Talygen Business Expense tracking Software is especially helpful for large businesses to track expenses.

Upload Bulk Expenses

Multiple Expense Reports Can Be Uploaded in Bulk

Talygen's Expense management software for small business allows Users to upload Expenses in bulk. Users can create excel files for multiple Expenses and then import them. These Expenses can later be sent for Approval via appropriate approval chain.

Expense Limit

Set Expense Limits for Projects

Talygen's online Expense Tracking software allows Project Managers to effortlessly set Expense limits for projects. In the event of an Employee exceeding the set limit for an Expense, their manager is notified via email. The Business Expense Tracker makes a project manager's life easy.

Reimbursement Reports

Simplified Reports for Powerful Analytics

Users can generate Expense Reports with Talygen's business Expense Tracking software to keep a full record of all Expenses incurred on a Project. Reimbursement Reports provide information regarding Expenses that have been approved or denied. The Business Expense Software also contains details of who is responsible for reimbursement, the Company or their Clients. If it is the Client, then the Expenses are automatically added to the invoices of the Clients.

Expense Approvals

For Smooth Evaluation and Simple Approval

Talygen's Expense tracking software automates and streamlines the Workflow associated with creating, approving and controlling Expenses. Senior Managers can appoint Approvers and optimize the approval chains in accordance with Company policies.

Expense Overdue

Defines Overdue Expenses Needing Approval

Talygen's Expense tracker app has an inbuilt Expense Overdue functionality to ensure approvals are done in a timely manner. Senior Managers can define the time within which Expenses should be reviewed and approved. If the Expense is not approved with in the set time span, the Manager is notified.

Supports Phone Application

Mobile Application with Industry Leading Features

Talygen's Online Expense tracking software is also available as a mobile application for iPhone and Android Users. This enables Business Managers to track Expenses on the go with this Online Expense Tracking App. Employees, who are working off-site, can also enter Expense information via the mobile expense tracking app. Employees can simply take a picture of their receipts and upload them through the Mobile application's inbuilt functionality.

Future Expense Entries

Input Future Expense Entries

Senior Managers can allow Users to enter anticipated, future Expense entries. Senior Managers can configure all the necessary settings for this feature.

Top Features of Talygen's Business Expense Tracking Software include
  • Detailed Expense Reports
  • Future Expense Entries
  • Mobile Application with Top-Notch Features
  • Expense Overdue Management
  • Seamless Expense Approvals
  • Simplified Reimbursement Reports
  • Powerful Expense Analytics
  • Options to Configure Expense Limits
  • Upload Bulk Expenses with excel files
  • Submit and Approve Reports Online

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