How Does Time Tracking Software Help HR Ensure a Successful Remote Work Setup?

Wednesday, February 07, 2024 | Time Tracking Software


The way people work has changed a lot because of COVID-19. Many companies around the world allow their employees to work from home.

  • A study from Gartner says that 88% of organizations provided remote work during the pandemic. Working from home has good things, like more flexibility and a better balance between work and personal life. It can also make people more productive.

But working from home also has problems. A significant issue is keeping track of time and ensuring people do their work well. To solve these problems, using time tracking software with screenshots is essential for remote work. These apps help bosses see how much time remote workers spend on their tasks and when they work. Time tracking also helps with communication between remote workers and their bosses because it shows what work has been done.

Discuss why time tracking is essential for remote work and the good and bad things about working from home. Explore remote team monitoring tools you can use for time tracking and give you some tips on using them well.

How Can Tracking Time Help HR in Remote Work?

  • A study from Stanford University found that people working from home were 13% more productive than those working in an office.

Choosing the right software for your organization is crucial, especially in remote work. Here are four compelling reasons why opting for the best time tracker with screenshots is a wise decision for the HR team:

1. Automating Daily Tasks

Talygen's remote employee monitoring tools make tracking your team's daily activities easy. It ensures transparency between employees and management, from monitoring performance to checking attendance, leaves, and working hours. The streamlined approach guarantees fair compensation for everyone.

2. Regular Check-ins and Performance Monitoring

In a remote work setup, staying connected is vital. Talygen enables regular check-ins and performance monitoring. Team members can keep track of tasks, assess progress, and monitor each other's performance. The feature bridges the gap created by the absence of face-to-face interaction, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

3. Enhanced Communication

Talygen helps teams track time with screenshots and is helpful for productivity tracking and project management software. Employees can easily assign tasks to their subordinates and monitor the office and remote teams' progress. The software becomes a central hub for communication, facilitating seamless teamwork.

4. Ensuring Compliance and Boosting Retention

Talygen time tracking software with screenshots is essential for complying with organizational objectives. It acts as a safeguard, helping avoid penalties and legal issues. Additionally, it aids remote employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance, enhancing motivation and contributing to better employee retention.

5. Data Security and Privacy

HR can use Talygen's remote work tracking software to protect employee data. It has strong security measures to protect information, ensuring no one can access it without permission and preventing potential problems. The focus on keeping data secure builds trust with employees and follows the rules and regulations.

6. Customizable Reporting

The flexibility of Talygen allows HR professionals to generate customizable reports based on time tracking with screenshots. These reports provide in-depth insights into individual and team performance, helping HR make informed decisions. Customizable reporting is instrumental in evaluating remote work effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.

7. Adapting to Changing Work Patterns

As remote work is on the rise, it's essential to have software that can adapt to changing work patterns. Talygen's time tracking with screenshots facilitates a comprehensive understanding of how work is conducted remotely. This adaptability ensures that HR policies and practices stay relevant, promoting a dynamic and responsive organizational culture.

Talygen helps everyone in the organization, not just HR. It makes remote work tracking effective and creates a friendly, rule-following work environment.

Understanding How Talygen Boosts Career Growth for Remote Workers

  • A survey from Hubstaff found that 34% of people working from home struggle to be productive and use their time well. People also need help to separate work from personal life when they work at home.

Talygen helps businesses enhance employees' professional development, irrespective of their work setting. Here's a simplified breakdown of how Talygen supports career growth for remote workers:

1. Learning and Development Made Easy

Talygen simplifies identifying and offering relevant training and resources for remote employees. With easy access to online courses, webinars, and mentorship programs, Talygen ensures that your team can expand their skill sets effortlessly.

2. Clear Career Paths

Collaborate with your remote team through Talygen’s remote employee management software to map out clear career progression paths. Discuss long-term career goals and identify the skills and experiences required to reach those goals, helping your remote workers envision a future within the organization.

3. Effortless Performance Discussions

Talygen facilitates regular performance discussions with remote employees, ensuring that feedback, objectives, and career aspirations are quickly communicated. This feature helps remote workers align with the company's goals and expectations.

4. Recognition and Feedback Simplified

Talygen implements recognition programs that acknowledge the achievements of remote employees. Through easy-to-use feedback mechanisms, ensure your team receives constructive feedback to enhance their skills and performance continuously.

5. Equal Access to Resources

Guarantee remote employees using Talygen have equal access to resources and support systems. The remote employee management software includes access to Talygen's services, employee assistance programs, and any tools or technology necessary for professional development.

6. Inclusivity and Belonging

Through Talygen, create initiatives that foster a sense of belonging for remote employees. Use online team-building games and diverse projects involving different teams or groups for employees to boost their happiness and involvement.

7. Skill Diversification Encouraged

Use Talygen to encourage remote employees to diversify their skill sets. Facilitate cross-training opportunities and exposure to different projects and departments, allowing your team to take on new challenges and roles within the company.

Talygen helps remote workers succeed and advance in their careers by giving them opportunities to learn and grow. Talygen's time tracking with screenshots makes it easy to have regular talks about performance creates a culture of recognizing and giving feedback, ensures everyone has the same access to resources and support, encourages a sense of belonging, promotes learning different skills, and helps with balancing work and personal life. What other ways do you think Talygen can help remote employees in their careers? Share your thoughts below!

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