Talygen’s automated construction project management software is usually installed by companies on-premises or cloud. From ideation to completion, the entire project lifecycle is seamlessly managed by project managers by using modern project management tools specially designed for construction companies.

Talygen is responsible for managing multiple project phases. Regardless of the type and size of constraints, the tools help in efficient construction project management. Be it any construction such as Engineering, Commercial, Institutional, Residential Home Building, Heavy Industrial, or else, for successful construction, immediate supervision, high-level view, on-time project delivery, and much more needs to be managed.

Apart from projects, budgeting is the most significant factor that decides the success and failure of any project. Implementing Talygen’s project management software for construction is highly advisable to keep the finances on track and forecast the costs.

How Talygen Streamlines Project Management for Construction Company?

  • The software fosters smooth collaboration among the teams working on the construction site.
  • Automatic project activity tracking helps get valuable insights into the construction process and progress.
  • The project managers on construction sites can hassle-free import and export projects in bulk.
  • The accounting operations are monitored in real time and help generate one-click reports for the projects with a Gant Chart view.
  • The clients can provide predefined specifications to the project managers to deliver the projects per expectations.
  • The up-to-date dashboards and detailed reporting help visualize the workflows with complete transparency.
  • The project management software for construction automatically manages the schedules with a built-in resource scheduler.
  • On-the-go project management is a new trend in the construction industry. The managers can access the project details from their smartphones.

You must look for the best construction project management software for time-saving and efficiency.

Effective Management of Phases in Construction Project Management

To get started with any project in the construction industry, the project needs to go through five stages to ensure the result is error-free and as expected. Here is a breakdown of the five phases of project management and how Construction Project Management Software streamlines managing each stage. Take a look



The second step involves generating detailed blueprints of the construction project. Developing blueprints includes the project specifications and drawings to ensure that the actions must be taken accordingly to make the most out of every project and hand over the deliverables to the clients on time and within the specified budget.



To execute project management, we must source, purchase, and transport necessities and services. The project cost and market trends are constantly monitored to avoid failures. Procurement must be done at the right time and in the right way. This stage helps you know about the potential risks.



Preconstruction is the third step in construction project management, where defining a roadmap is crucial. The roles of team members assigned to the project are designed to help them understand what and why. Per the plan, pre-defined duties help undertake the project and adhere to company standards. The resources are scheduled, tasks are allocated, and timelines and milestones are decided. Project Managers stay proactive in this stage to deal with the risks associated with the projects.



Everything is sorted and planned, from developing strategies to assigning roles and collecting materials; it's time to begin construction project management. The project managers keep evaluating the projects to know their progress status and make necessary changes if required.

Planning & Development

Project Planning & Development

As we all know, Construction work involves a great time, effort, resources, and, most essential, expenses. Therefore, the plans must be formulated in advance to understand the importance of the project. The goals and project objectives must be defined. It is necessary to do research in advance to study whether the construction project will help you get maximum ROI or not, What level of complexities are involved, and whether it is the best fit for your organization. The project's worthiness is evaluated at the initial stage, feasibility testing is performed, and the project charter is created and submitted. Further, the different aspects, like communication, work structure, and risk management, are considered before jumping to the next stage.

The project management software for construction removes the pain from the project handling stages and eliminates the barriers hindering project progress.

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By using Talygen's project management software for construction, businesses can overcome the challenges such as

  • Lack of Communication
  • Accurate Repository
  • Data Management
  • Estimating Costs
  • Forecasting
  • Risk Assessment

Talygen delivers end-to-end project management solutions to help construction businesses stay on top of their projects. It has many beneficial features, is easy to deploy on the cloud, web, and mobile, and is available for a free trial. Our highly-recommended project management software for construction manages the workflow and helps you go paperless.

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