The Untold Pressures Behind Managing Work-From-Home Employees and Their Solutions

Friday, October 14, 2022 | Work From Home Software

Work pressures are increasing rapidly. Regardless of the office infrastructure or work-from-home environment, challenges are everywhere. Employees feel more pressured when working from remote locations. Remote working sounds like a great opportunity with flexibility, but the picture is far different.

Talygen’s WFH monitoring software is a complete productivity suite that delivers enterprise-level solutions for project management, business expense tracking, employee time tracking, HR management, and streamlined communication. Remote employees have to deal with multiple reasons that cause stress.

This blog post is about some of the pressures every remote company encounters. For managers, WFH is always a way to relax and work. Through this blog, employers will come to understand what an employee goes through when working away from the office.

High Expectations

The expectations of employers are always high. But, in the case of remote work, the employees are pressured more with the thought that they are home and have to deliver more. This creates the most significant stress for remote workers to prove them wrong.

The best work-from-home software helps remote employees get equal work as their co-workers in offices. Remote tools automatically do the planning and scheduling. The integrated scheduling in remote employee monitoring software streamlines task management.

Biased Judgements

The judgments based on your perceptions and viewpoints make remote employees suffer. The biases in reviews affect the appraisal systems, and this causes stress to many employees.

However, the automated remote employee monitoring systems eliminate manual and inaccurate measurements of remote staff’s performances. The managers can have an accurate picture of employees’ productivity on a single-screen dashboard. The daily, weekly, and monthly reports are automatically generated with accurate work progress percentages and work hours.

Unclear Tasks/Projects

What tasks need to be delivered at what time always creates confusion and stress. Remote employees face many challenges when managing the workload on their own. No effective work & time management can cause project delays and poor productivity.

But with the best work-from-home software, remote employees can set clear goals and meet their deadlines. The software helps remote staff get clear details of the projects and streamline day-to-day tasks. Effective work management allows remote teams to keep themselves on track without any stress and burden.

Communication Issues

This is the biggest problem with remote employees; they feel isolated due to less or no communication with their teammates. In offices, you can get connected with employees face to face in no seconds, but in remote work, you need to call them all the time for any queries. Moreover, unanswered calls lead to stress and project delays.

The communication problems can be resolved with unified communication integrated into remote employee monitoring tools. Communication is fast and streamlined, and within no time, the employees, employers, and clients can connect despite their locations. The software features voice calling, Video calling, and project message boards. Moreover, the communication history is also easy to organize.


The pressurized working environments are the biggest threat to employees' mental health and well-being. Moreover, the organizations also have to suffer the consequences of poor productivity and project failures. Therefore, remote employees must be provided with highly advanced WFH monitoring software that helps them manage work and stay updated and connected.

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Talygen

  • Highly Compatible This is the best work-from-home software that offers web-based mobile & desktop applications. The easy-to-use application seamlessly runs on Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • User-Friendly The easy and simple installation makes Talygen user-friendly. It provides a streamlined user interface to cater to the needs of a wide range of businesses and individuals. Moreover, it features quick navigations and integrations.
  • Flexible Talygen offers unmatched software flexibility. It is quick, secure, and easy to run anytime, anywhere. It easily adapts to the different needs of different industries.

This business management software provides a whole system for a remote team, their time, plus productivity management. To get Talygen’s simple desktop app for your remote employee monitoring needs, visit to speak with a product representative.

To get started with Talygen, sign up today.

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