How does FSM Software Help Track the Live Location of Field Agents? Wednesday, November 02, 2022 | Field Service Management

Tracking agents in the field is one of the top challenges in field service management. Location management of field dispatchers and technicians has become indispensable to reducing travel time and gaining more control over the field workforce.

FSM software integrated with location tracking functionality empowers businesses to obtain accurate location and job status information seamlessly. With robust GPS tracking systems, agent locations are easy to track in real-time, allowing you to optimize their routes and generate live snapshots of the work site.

Location tracking is not just about knowing where your agents are. It can also be a vital tool in measuring your team's productivity and idle work hours.

GPS Tracking Improves Client's Experience- But How?

In field service businesses, it is necessary to monitor field agents to ensure great customer service and build stronger relationships with clients. One way to improve these customer relationships is by reducing delays and wait times with a quicker and more satisfactory response to their field issues.

GPS-enabled capabilities in the best field service management software increase transparency by keeping customers updated on the agent's live location. The whereabouts and ETA of technicians can be directly checked by customers through integrated calling and messaging in FSM mobile applications. The auto-tracking of agents keeps them accountable and improves punctuality.

Ease to Map Out Daily Routes

Route planning in field service management cannot be overlooked. Real-time visibility into location information takes the pain out of monitoring agents from afar. Route optimization helps locate and assign the nearest agent to a job site to save travel time. Routes are quickly scheduled, and technicians are enabled to prioritize work orders based on the locations nearest to them. The FSM software provides a complete overview of traffic jams and accidents to make route selection easier. Customer-agent relations are strengthened using the location tracking mobile application, which allows them to stay connected and help each other easily navigate travel.

Furthermore, the benefits of field service management software include the following:

  • Field Staff Scheduling With automated scheduling capabilities, the FSM software effortlessly schedules resources and helps effectively utilize agents' skills. Leading software technology makes scheduling a breeze by automating day-to-day resource and task allocation.
  • Real-Time Alerts Talygen's FSM software provides real-time alerts and notifications regarding work orders, support tickets, and cancellations from either end of the partnership so agents and clients can stay informed about the status of their projects.
  • SLAs Management The best field service management software has a built-in Service Level Agreement, which enables organizations to manage warranties and guidelines for all equipment so users can have a clear contract with defined standards.
  • Lead Management FSM software makes lead management and conversion a smooth process, from capturing to nurturing the lead. The software allows you to have complete visibility into customer satisfaction levels.
  • Performance Assessment Real-time monitoring of agents keeps track of their activities, providing insights into technician response time, job efficiency, and field service win rate.
Wrapping It Up

The field service tools provided by Talygen make it easy for businesses to manage field operations on mobile and desktops and transform their business field sales. The cloud-based solutions empower industries to enhance their customers' experiences, simplify compliance, schedule agents, and create invoices - all in one place.

Businesses that want to improve their first-visit resolution must invest in the best field service management software. The feature-packed system will enable your agents to plan routes effectively, manage workflows, perform quality control, and more.

Unforeseen issues in the field are easy to address proactively with FSM software. Ensure your team has the most effective tools to deliver great service with the best field service management software – Talygen.

Talygen's GPS-integrated FSM software facilitates zone management to accurately track the miles to be traveled, saving time and money for your business. Talygen is a pioneer in rendering cost-effective agent tracking services via its best field service management software. Talygen is a scalable solution ensuring agents arrive promptly at their scheduled locations. Any movement is automatically tracked, and the notification is sent to the appropriate department or supervisor for review. Talygen FSM is easy to install on Android and iPhone as well as on various other operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. From the agent's speed to the travel path, all location information is tracked and reported with 24/7 access via Talygen.

For more details, schedule a demo online.

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