Remote Work Monitoring Software- How It Creates Healthy Work Environment? Friday, April 09, 2021 | Remote Team Management Software

Seems to be a bit challenging, but the remote work is working out well for all the companies regardless of size and type. It’s not new, even before the pandemic, the work from home has been around for years. This has been embraced wholeheartedly due to the flexibility it offers.

According to a survey conducted by Owl Labs, remote work has made life easier. As per the estimations, remote work led to save on average 40 minutes on commuting, more than half the workforce is relying on video calls, work from home is adopted by nearly 70% employees for full-time. Further, it’s been found that 59% of workers are more likely to work for organizations that offer the flexibility of working remotely.

Are Remote Workers more productive than On-premises?

Stating anything in favor of any one won’t be correct without any fact and evidence. However, which one is more productive completely depends upon the environment provided to the workforce. Be it in offices or remote locations, the employees will only stay deeply engaged, if there is a high level of supervision.

Now, the big question is how to supervise? This is not a one-person job to supervise hundreds of employees working remotely or even in the confined four walls. Then what’s next? The growing issues of employee monitoring can be smartly handled with a state-of-the-art remote team monitoring solution. The employee tracking systems are best for employee attraction and retention anytime anywhere.

Not to Miss Out Benefits of Remote Employee Monitoring Tool
Flexible Working

The remote monitoring solutions help employees to create a personalized workspace. The flexibility to work anywhere in any way motivates employees to do their best work. The flexible schedules reduce commute stress, save time, and increase empowerment.

More Productivity

In offices, tea breaks, gossip groups, and many other distractions slow down productivity. This can also happen at remote locations; however, the automated tools keep employees in control and make them spend an entire day being productive.

Effective Interactions

Remote staff can build strong connections by taking advantage of smart, quick, and robust communication functionality in remote software. The employees can get connected via voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more.

Insights Improve Decision Making

The real-time productivity insights improve decision-making as well. The software provides digital insights at your fingertips to systematize the decision-making process. This further leads to streamlining reviews and performance appraisals.

Bottom Line

Without any tool implemented, the businesses can never detect that is a remote employee at work or not. The biggest benefit of cloud-based remote trackers is that the employers can always have a close eye on the team’s productivity through the real-time data generated as reports. Moreover, the tools end the problems of hiring a diverse workforce. The traditional work from home has transformed drastically and now remote monitoring tools have given it a new shape with their fully loaded modernized functionalities.

For expert business remote employee monitoring, get Talygen online. In the list of smart, advanced, and high-performance tools, Talygen ranks among the top remote team monitoring solutions. The enhanced cloud infrastructure, unified communication, better visualization, automated timesheets, and accurate tracking help employees improve productivity and enable employers to make themselves stand as the strongest player in the market. To create remote-friendly work culture, know more about Talygen!

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