Remote Team Monitoring Solution: Top 4 Myths vs Facts About Remote Team Working Friday, April 16, 2021 | Remote Team Management Software

Remote working is not only making business processes easier and safer for various different kinds of business organizations, but is actually a very cost-effective alternative to traditional in-office working. The best part about remote working culture is that this trend is not temporary, it is here to stay for a very long time. Did you know that as per the stats from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, 36 million of all US employees sometimes worked remotely between the year 2017 and 2018?

The ability to work and manage teams from remote locations is one of the key benefits of modern work from home work culture. But similar to many popular technologies, there are tons of myths prevailing about remote working across the globe.Here we bring you the top 4 myths, and their real facts, that are popular across the global market these days.

#1 Myth: Remote Employees are Less Productive

The real fact is that as per the study conducted by Stanford University, employees working from home are much higher productive than the ones working in traditional cultures. Modern business organizations use work from home employee monitoring software to track work and all activities of remote employees.

#2 Myth: Remote Working is Only for Small Organizations

This one is one of the most popular myths about remote working. The fact is that post the COVID-19 era in 2020, businesses of all kinds ands sizes are shifting towards remote working intuitively, thanks to benefits like cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and scalability.

#3 Myth: Remote Working is all About Traveling

Remote working is not just about being on the road. The new “work from home” work culture is all about the safety, comfort, and ease of working from homes.

#4 Myth: Remote Work Monitoring is Expensive and Time Consuming

The fact is that with modern remote team monitoring solutions, not only can you keep a check on your employees productivity but each and every area in a very easy and centralized manner.

Bottom Line

So here ends our list of the top 4 popular myths and facts about Remote team working. The real fact is that myths about emerging technologies will only boom in the upcoming years. Make sure you integrate the power of remote work monitoring with the best work from home employee monitoring software solutions, such as Talygen.

The global leader in business automation, Talygen, offers a world-class and easy-to-use Remote Team Monitoring Solution for all kinds and types of remote work monitoring needs across the business world. The software includes a huge suite of tools for all kinds of remote employee monitoring needs, such as remote employee time tracking, expense tracking, cloud data sharing, resource scheduling, and so on.

Try the Free Trial now to know more about the power of Talygen’s Remote Team Monitoring Solution today.

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