Online Time Tracker: Top 3 Online Time Tracking FAQ’s Answered Friday, September 25, 2020 | Time Tracking Software

Even if you are not familiar with the regular changes in the software industry, you still might have heard the term “online time tracker” from your colleagues or friends.

Do you still use those old and tiring excel sheets to time track your employees? If yes, then you must have faced complexities in data management, re-purposing, time recording, auditing, and so on. With the next-gen remote work culture, excel-sheet based time tracking will become absolutely useless for all sizes of organizations.

This is where Online Time Trackers step in. Modern cloud-based, online time trackers are eliminating each and every hassle involved in project, task, and employee time tracking. Here we answer the top 3 time tracking FAQs of all time.

Q1. How are online time trackers feasible for non-technical people?

Modern, cloud based time tracking software and various online time trackers are very easy to use. Even for technically-weaker people, online time trackers are much more convenient than tiring excel sheets.

These days, some of the best time tracking tools are available in three different forms:

  • Web-Based Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Apps

Modern tools empower managers and admins with an easy-to-use interface and a lot of automation capabilities. Also, a lot of different online time tracking tools are integrated with synchronization capabilities which allow users to simplify other operations, such as invoice generation, employee monitoring, and so on.

Q2. What is the difference between work-related and project-related timekeeping?

Time tracking for an employee is done in two different ways, namely work-related and project-related.

Work-related time tracking tracks only the arrival, departure, and break times of an employee. On the other hand, project-related time tracking tracks individual activities, projects, tasks, and so forth.

Cloud based time tracking software are packed with intuitive capabilities to track employees in an insightful manner, recording time for each task, project, activity, and so on.

Q3. Is online time tracking feasible for startups and small businesses?

Online time trackers are feasible for all sizes and kinds of organizations. Small startups with in-house or remote employees can track working hours for each employee in a centralized and cost-effective manner. Time tracking tools and apps are budget-friendly as they don’t need any maintenance or time-consuming installations.

Bottom Line

Similar to any new technology, people across the world have a lot of different questions regarding the feasibility and usage of online time trackers. The need of the hour is to implement an easy-to-use online time tracker that is flexible and scalable for all types of modern workforces.

Talygen, a global leader in business automation, offers a state-of-the-art Online Time Tracker, packed with a lot of different functionalities, such as Automated Timesheet System, Bulk Time Entries, Offline Time Tracking, Activity Logs, Approval Rules, Invoice Generation, Detailed Reports, and more. A comprehensive solution for employee time tracking, Talygen’s Online Time Tracker is feasible for all types and sizes of organizations across the globe.

Try the Free Demo of Talygen’s Cloud Based Time Tracking Software to know more!

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