Must-Have Features in Online Expense Tracking App Tuesday, September 29, 2020 | Expense Tracker

The advancement in technology has blessed every individual, almost touched every sector, and has completely transformed the business operations. By leveraging the newest trends in the industries, the businesses are managing simple to complex jobs. In hard to handle business functions, accounting & financing is the one that must be managed with the services of experts or by getting the right expense tracking software for your business.

Not all expense trackers do the same job. A range of tools comes with varied features and functions. There are many expense tracking systems on the market from basic to the pro level, however, the best business expense software is the one that helps you stay abreast with the changing financing needs of the businesses.

Therefore, manual management of the entire business finance is really not an effective way to boost the financial image of your organization. So, to get the one perfect business expense software, take a look at the much-needed features:

Online Scanning & Sharing of Receipts

Leave all your expense management worries to an online expense tracker. Instead of carrying thousands of receipts, now you can easily scan and upload multiple receipts in the system. The auto-scanning functionality helps generate digital copies of unlimited receipts just with a click.

Auto Expense Categorization

Managing countless receipts for ‘n’ number of categories in businesses is challenging. The online expensing tools automatically segregate the receipts based on different categories. The user simply needs to add details once, and in the future, the receipts will be saved based on the configurations.

Automated Approval Rules

The users can effortlessly set up the approver chains to get the expenses approved from the specified approvers. The business expense tracker eliminates manual interventions and automates workflows. The escalation of the expenses is easily setup and the system works based on the rules defined.

Expense Tracking & Reporting

For all sized businesses, tracking expenses is undeniably a hassle without a robust expense tracking app. Maintaining expense reports for tracked data is not as easy as ABC. In highly advanced systems, the financial details for each department or item are thoroughly analyzed, and based on that the system generates the reports.

Mobile Access to Business Expenses

The cross-platform expense tracking feature in today’s software is offering flexibility to get real-time updates of business expenses. An expense tracker that is available for mobile must be on top of your priority to manage your money.


It won’t be wrong to say that expense management systems have somewhere become the backbone of small, medium, and large organizations. A business expense management is much more than paying a salary to employees. This can be of any type like rental, training, traveling, projects, equipment, marketing, and more. Every single penny tracking in businesses is crucial to business success.

Talygen is the top-notch expense tracker app that offers a user-friendly solution for web, desktop, and mobile. It provides a simple and intuitive application that is designed to render a secure and unique experience to every user. To know more about Talygen, schedule a demo.

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