Discover the Misconceptions About Automated Auditing & Approval System Tuesday, October 20, 2020 | Approval Rules & Auditing

Seamless approval and auditing systems in businesses are the need of time in a highly competitive market. From desktops to mobile, the businesses have revamped the approval chains & processes which results in reduced time & costs, and higher efficiency. From a business standpoint, automation is the key to streamline cash flows, processes, employee management, managing sales, etc.

Building straightforwardness in the processes is always necessary to eliminate conflicts and make a business grow. Everyday workflow management plays a vital role in the overall development of your business. The day-to-day tracking of approval details and audits in every sized organization improve productivity, budgeting, and finances.

Though the automated approval and auditing systems have gained huge popularity & offer proven benefits to many businesses, however, still many enterprises have questions regarding the functionality of the software. Take a look at the misconceptions about advanced approval and auditing tools:

Systems Are Too Technical and Costly

Due to the advancement in technology, there is many feature-rich approval tools available on the market that are perceived to be too costly to afford. Moreover, the technology stack is the main concern that makes the software look over technical for start-ups. However, this is not the case.

The workflow approval management tools are best designed to fit the needs of all sized businesses. The software is provided to meet the specific auditing, time/ expense approval needs of businesses.

Automated Systems Are Prone to Data Loss

The biggest misconception about today’s software for business approval and auditing is that the systems are risky for data storage and sharing. The multi-user access to the data increases the threats to confidentiality in modern tools.

It’s necessary to put this misconception to rest because the hi-tech cloud-based auditing tools make the process fast and secure. With online systems, it is easier to prevent vulnerabilities and human errors despite the involvement of multiple approvers and auditors in a single process.

Excessive Time Wastage

Many organizations believe that it’s easy to approve and audit processes manually as it takes less time. Automated approval and audit management systems are difficult to tackle due to the complexity of processes.

Whereas the software features centralize approvals, standardize approvals, easy to create approval structures, approval sequence chains, and more which surely takes one time set up and helps businesses to approve and audit bulk data and reports in less than a minute.

Final Thoughts

The advances in business management have made many businesses significantly grow, however, still some organizations are far away from automation and believe that technology has its hidden dangers. But, it’s the time now to embrace the technology and upgrade the business approval & audit processes.

Replace Outdated Approval Systems with Talygen

Talygen, the leader in the automation industry is offering easy to manage expense and time approval system with auditing capabilities as well. The system lets the users submit requests, track approval process progress, approve or deny requests, manage multiple requests, and keep complete records of approvals and audits.

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