Improve Business Productivity with Talygen’s recruitment Software Thursday, February 28, 2019 | Hiring

Recruitment plays a key role in talent acquisition. A widening skills gap, low unemployment rates, and an increasingly competitive talent landscape have made hiring an incredibly fragmented and complicated process for the modern-day HR team has it pretty difficult.

Today, hiring top talent is not just about filling vacancies anymore, organizations need to build predictable talent pipelines and keep prospective employees engaged to deliver the best ROI on talent acquisition. Advanced online recruitment software like Talygen has leveled the playing field at work, creating new opportunities for recruiters to not only find great talent faster but also communicate with them in real time.

Here, we explore four key features of Talygen's online applicant tracking system that can help you drive business growth and land the best talent.

Recruitment Marketing

In the advanced, candidate-driven job industry, a robust employer brand is key to retaining and attracting top talent. Research shows that 71% of active job seekers are more like to apply for a job if the employer brand is actively managed and accomplished. Recruitment marketing leverages the principles of omnichannel marketing in the talent ecosystem to engage and attract potential team members.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

ATS automates the hiring lifecycle by gathering, organizing and tracking applicant information in a central repository that can be managed at scale. This system can offer a plethora of candidate information that can be leveraged to provide personalized and unique candidate experiences. It also offers different integrations with tools for interview management, background verification, and more.

Talent Analytics

By using data analysis and statistical models, talent analytics can help you answer all of your questions. With better data quality, you can easily gain deeper insights to drive improved business growth. Along with real-time talent insights, talent analytics also offer predictive proficiencies and suggested courses of action for desired business results.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is an important part of creating a great employee experience for new hires. Onboarding is more than a welcome packet and the regular meet-and-greet session. Onboarding lays the foundation for your teams as they accept their new roles to become successful and productive.

Final Words

Assessing and selecting the right recruitment software can be an arduous task, and not to mention the substantial costs involved if you choose the wrong hiring solution. Don't worry, Talygen has got you covered. Check out our comprehensive online recruitment software that features the most progressive and advanced solutions for your business needs.

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