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An online software application built with the client's needs in mind. Our services are easy to use and implement, a company or individual only takes a few minutes, not hours. We know your time is valuable which is why we have created a turnkey service that will benefit your business from top to bottom. Talygen is easy to use, access and implement.

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Time Tracking

Track, access anywhere

Talygen enables its clients to track and manage projects, employee progress & performance, profitability reports and more! Talygen also offers an easy to use online portal, convenient desktop application with screenshot functionality and a mobile application tracking service that can be accessed by your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android Smartphone.

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Expense Tracking

Business expense tracker module

Finally there is an online tool that makes it easy for businesses, employees, contractors and everyone to track expenses. Expense tracking plays a very important role in running a successful business. Talygen’s business expense tracker module allows employees/users to log expenses incurred on specific projects/trips. Users can easily log their expenses for reimbursement.

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Job Portal

Tailor to your hiring needs

Talygen allow companies to effectively fulfill open positions by recruiting the best matching candidate. We provide you branding through customizable job board, applicant tracking system and built-in hiring. We allow human resource and recruitment staff to handle all hiring needs electronically.

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Project Management

Essential tool for project planning

Talygen offers a huge suite of features for any business. If you need to collaborate with your customers then you need to check out the Talygen project management module. Talygen project management software is an innovative and an easy to use complete management software. It is essential for project planning, tracking and online collaboration. Talygen project management software allows its users to get an overview on their project and performance.

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Event Management

Manage events, meetings, occasions, conferences, etc.

The Talygen’s Event Manager enables organizations of all size to manage their events. It helps users to create and manage the events, meetings, occasions, conferences, etc. The users can create events, invite other users, set recurring of events, set reminder notifications for events and set priority. Event management module is integrated with the calendar interface. All the events can be managed from one screen with three different views: day, week and month. Event Management also manages Google calendar events and project or task events.

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Robust business intelligence tool

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is critical to the sales of a company. Talygen’s CRM module helps manage your present and prospective customers. Talygen, the robust business intelligence tool which includes all the features needed to manage your business. Talygen has sophisticated business modules such as time-tracking and a CRM. The CRM functionality is an amazing feature of a much larger universe of functionality that is offered by Talygen.

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Client Portals

Client's control panel

Talygen allows a company to share project progress with clients through the client login feature. The Company Admin can set this feature up. Clients can access their control panel via Talygen, where they can track projects, interact with their team via the message board, and share documents. Imagine the ease of working with a client now; your client can see invoices, documents, screenshots, progress reports, etc.

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HR Enforcement

Track employees attendance and time off

Time-Off management becomes a breeze using Talygen. It provides an online portal for employees to apply for leaves under specific category and then Company Admins can manage leave requests, view leave balances, and track all employees leave information based on their shift and location while the software automatically updates it all. It also enables you to generate monthly reports.

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Performance Review

Automate your performance review

Talygen helps you reduce paperwork and save up to 75% of your time. With just a few clicks you can start a performance review. Talygen is designed to offer control, balance, and value. Now you can ensure your employees get continuous feedback and managers tackle these previously dreaded responsibilities with ease.

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Ticketing System

Keep track of issues

A company can now utilize Talygen’ s built in ticketing functionality. You can now have your own ticket system to help keep track of any open issues. This system can be used for internal issues or customer concerns. Tickets can be opened by any user/client. There are various options for the ticketing system and once all the options are filled in on the ticket, it will be directed to the correct person.

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Better Control over leave, expense, and time entry

Approvals are a set of rules created in Talygen to help you keep controls on any time entry, fees, and leave. You might require approval or a group of approvals for specific actions.

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Billing and Invoicing

Create invoice automatically

Talygen offers state of art billing and invoicing solution. Our system is a process driven billing solution that automates invoicing, connects sales, financial systems, project delivery, financial reporting, and much more. The users can create invoices automatically from the expenses entered into the system for a project and the time billed in the project.

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Corporate Knowledge Base

Share information with other users and clients

The knowledge base is a tool which companies can use to share information with other users and clients. It is a repository of articles that a company can create to help users understand its processes and work efficiently. Talygen offers a fully integrated knowledge base module. One of the important features to company growth is effective knowledge management.

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Cloud Storage

Remotely access files through Talygen

You can share documents with your team and your clients; besides simply sharing them, there are advanced options like versioning the documents so a history can be maintained. The file storage module is used to store files, share files, keep off-site file backups, and remotely access files through Talygen. The file storage will upload the files on the cloud server. These files will be secured on the cloud storage on Azure.

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Message board

Interact with you and your team

Interact with your team through the message board. It also allows your clients to interact with you and your team. Along with the screenshot functionality, this allows you to communicate with your team and clients in real time.

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Gantt Chart

Project plan management

The Gantt Chart is a simple and seamless visual representation of a project plan. It is graphical representation of the start and end of the terminal and summary elements of the project. Talygen’s Gantt Chart is fully integrated with project management and gives a clear graphic illustration of the project status in horizontal bars. It primarily focuses on the project plan management with task dependency, and gives you clear picture at single screen about the whole project. The Gantt Chart clearly shows the order in which the tasks need to be completed. Over all, it helps project managers to become more organized with their project management.

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Unified Communication (UC)

Group chat or single chat

The Talygen user live chat “Socialize” is a web messenger allowing users to communicate within a company. The users can create groups for group chat and chat with a person; every user included in the group chat or single chat can view their logs.

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Organization Chart

Visualize your workforce

Talygen lets you create your organization’s chart in just minutes. We help to transform complex HR information to a simple and understandable chart, so that you can view, model, and analyze your workforce. The one screen management makes this tool more simple and user-friendly.

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Easy Reporting

Variety of Reports

Talygen offers a very robust and highly innovative reporting solution. We allow you as a client to review, download and export reports from internal projects within your company. Detailed reports can be generated and viewed at any time.

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