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Ticketing (Help Desk)

Talygen provides a Ticketing solution that is comprehensive, advanced, and automated. Its online ticketing system allows support agents to receive, process and respond to the tickets submitted. Intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software enables organizations to create their own ticketing system to keep a track of all issues. The Ticketing module can be used internally or with customers who may have a support issue. Regardless of the users using web application or mobile app, they can use Talygen's advanced functionality to create and manage support tickets.


Merge Tickets about the Same Issues into One

Users can merge two or more tickets into one ticket. The primary ticket will serve as a new ticket. All other tickets will become secondary and will be closed. This feature of issue tracking software helps to streamline communication and manage multiple or repeat requests for a related or duplicate issue.

Split Ticket

Split Tickets for a Quick and Organized Resolution

Users can split one ticket into two or more tickets, which could then be dealt with separately. Ticket splitting helps to improve average resolution time and agent performance. Resolvers will spend time only on tickets that are relevant to their department.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Add Compliance to SLA for Better Resolution Time

A service level agreement across Talygen helpdesk helps to set up rules, for when every ticket needs to be replied to and solved so that the agents are clear about meeting the deadline. Automatic reminders can be escalated to agents and managers whenever SLA was not being met. Company Admins can redistribute workload or add more people to team based on the SLA compliance.

Ticket Transfer

Compliant Transfer of Tickets

Tickets can be transferred between departments and/or Agents. The user to whom the ticket will be transferred is selected from the dropdown menu to transfer the ticket ownership. The person responsible for transferring can be also be seen in the ticket thread.


Ticket Escalation for Unique Scenarios

Escalated tickets inherently involve unique scenarios with less readily-available solutions. Your tickets are bound to keep growing as your business thrives, and the sooner you get a handle on escalation, the better your customer service department will run in the long haul. Talygen follows a formalized, omni-channel ticket escalation process to regularly inspect the ticket escalation history.

Rule Engine

Rule Engine to Take Faster Actions for Critical Issues

Talygen's Rule Engine sets up rules with conditions and actions triggered after a specific time interval for regulations with the matching state, letting the supervisor and the customer track the ticket. It makes the ticketing process efficient by enabling the supervisor to track and monitor the journey of each ticket, providing you a consistent online ticketing system experience.

Canned Reply to a Ticket

Save Replies to Common Tickets and Reuse Them

Talygen Canned Actions settings allow you to pre-define a reply, format font/color/style and store it, so it can be sent as a reply with the click of a button. Canned responses are category specific and are easy to access from your ticket reply page. This feature helps bring consistency, to improve user experience and also resolve tickets in a timely manner.

Dashboard Widgets

Get Notified of Real-Time Changes in Ticket Count

Widgets on home screen display glanceable views of ticket status without opening specific ticket interface. Users can easily check number of tickets that are Unassigned, Response Due, Resolve Due, Response Over Due, Resolve Over Due, and On Hold tickets for better issue management.

Ticket Feedback

An intuitive and easy Ticket Feedback Improves Business Productivity

Talygen's ticketing solution also offers an automated feedback form where customers can rate an agents' ticket resolving ability. A regular review of the feedback given to an agent allows their manager to gauge their daily productivity and helps the organization in improving its products and services.

External Link to Tickets

Get Talygen Support for 3rd party clients

External link feature is designed to keep 3rd party clients up to date on status of their submitted tickets. The external link will open up Talygen's customer lookup website where users can create an account and submit ticket for their issues.

Save Tickets as Draft

Save a Ticket as a Draft, Submit it Later

Talygen allows users to save a ticket as a draft while being created. Later, users can get back to the ticket to finalize details and then submit it for resolution. This feature of an issue tracking software allows users to switch between tasks without losing their data.

Client Tickets

All Clients can Submit Tickets

With Talygen, clients get an integrated solution to manage and submit their support tickets. They can view the status of a ticket, see a list of all open tickets, review the history of a ticket, and much more.


Define Root Cause and Corrective Action on Ticket

After the ticket is resolved, corrective action can be documented. The resolution of the ticket contains information related to the reason the ticket was opened, and it's resolution. It also displays the entire conversation about the conclusion in a thread.

Ticket Locking Duration

Configure the Ticket Locking Time

Company Admins can set Ticket locking duration. It allows the user to reopen a closed ticket if the resolution is deemed unsatisfactory. However, a ticket can only be reopened within the time duration set by the Company Admins.

Ticket History

View Ticket History in Threads

Talygen keeps a record of every ticket that comes into the system. The complete activity log of a ticket is accessible by reviewing ticket history. This functionality also shows any updates and notifications which are triggered with each ticket update avoiding any error in issue management.

Features of Ticketing
  • Unique Ticket Number
  • Merge Tickets
  • Split Ticket
  • Setup Feedback for Tickets
  • User Availability
  • Create Tickets on Behalf
  • SLA Timer
  • Configurable SLA
  • Ticket Transfer
  • Authorize Ticket Resolving Capabilities
  • Configure Upload Size
  • Add Notes
  • Send Attachments
  • Provide Conclusions
  • View Unassigned Tickets
  • Define Head Of Department
  • Ticket Notification for Administrator
  • Ticket Log
  • Desktop and Mobile Application
  • Track Multiple Tickets
  • Set Ticket Priority
  • Client Ticket Management
  • Ticket Claims
  • Department Specific Tickets
  • Draft a Response
  • Multiple BI Reports
  • Closed and Lock Tickets
  • Setup Lock Duration
  • Ticket Follow Ups

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