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Why Use Online Employee Management System?

Work productivity of employees is one of the most essential factors in the growth of Businesses. Talygen offers the best-in-class Online Employee Management System that makes it easy to review Employee's tasks and productivity.

Talygen's web based Employee Management Software provides a number of feature-rich functionalities. Business Managers can assign Tasks, manage Shifts, use of Ticketing system, review assigned Tasks, view Work progress, Attendance, Time off requests and much more. Talygen maintains all the information related to your Employees in one seamlessly integrated application.

Performance Review

Multi-Level Performance Review of Employees

Track Employee Performance with Employee Task Tracking and Employee Time Tracking Software for the complete performance management of Employees. Managers can add multiple reviewers in a sequential and non-sequential chain for multi-level reviews. The system can also Track Employee Performance with multiple skill sets enhancement since they have joined the Organization.

Talent Acquisition

Easy Talent Acquisition Management

Talygen offers a state-of-the-art Employee Time Tracking Software and Employee Task Tracking Software to organize and increase the hiring capabilities of the Organization. It allows Human Resource and recruiting Managers to manage all hiring necessities electronically. This hassle-free Job Portal helps in managing the entire hiring mechanism in an organized manner.

Approval System

Advanced Approval System for Leave, Expenses and Time

Talygen's Employee Management Software offers advanced Enterprise-level approval system for hassle-free Employee task management. The approval system allows Approvers to review Time, Expenses, Leave requests and approve them instantly. The module works on customizable rules, thereby giving complete flexibility to an Organization.


Talygen provides a top-notch online Employee Management System that allows Managers to schedule training for Team members virtually and physically. They can set up the training time, appoint trainers, setup examinations, and assign them to manage the training of specific members. Employee management System enables team members to get immediate feedback after completion of their training.

Track Attendance

Smoothly Track Employees Attendance and Time Off

With Talygen's Activity Tracking Software, Senior Managers can track Team member's attendance and time off. They can manage working weeks of the members for a particular shift or a location. They can also track in and out times of Team members.

Customizable Leave Types

Effortlessly Design Company Specific Leave Types

Talygen's Employee Management Software enables Organizations to create custom Leave Types to meet their needs. For example, a special leave type can be created for Employees who win an award. Accrual based leave rules can also be added to the application in accordance with current Company policies.

Bonus Leave and Leave Deduction

Award Bonus Leave or Deduct Leave for an Employee

A Manager can award bonus leaves to certain Team members for a number of reasons. For an example, a Team member, who may have worked extra hours or days and you want to give him an extra day off. The system helps to manage Employee attendance. This works seamlessly in collaboration with Attendance Tracking module.


Seamlessly Control the Privileges for Users

Senior Managers can create and assign roles to the Team members and ensure they can only access specific information within their Talygen account. Assigned roles allow them access rights to view only those sections for which their roles have been assigned.

Features of Employee Management
  • Track Employee Attendance
  • Roles
  • Employee Time Keeping
  • Skill Report
  • Leave Details
  • Message Board
  • Company Holiday
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Feedback Questionnaire
  • Talent Acquisition Management
  • Training
  • Activity Tracking Software
  • Create Goals
  • Event Calendar
  • Set Break Time
  • External Job Boards
  • Passport Information
  • Manage Working Weeks
  • Approval System (Leave, Expenses, And Time)
  • Feedback
  • Leave Types
  • Manage Leave
  • Custom Columns
  • Accrual Leave Type
  • Setup Individual Goals
  • Set Working Day For A User