Customer Relationship Management

The Talygen CRM system helps to organize, automate and synchronize business processes for an organization's interaction with sales prospects, leads and opportunities.Talygen's CRM software helps to manage your present and prospective customers. Talygen's customer relationship management tool gives you the freedom to focus on your business. The Talygen CRM system allows you to improve your workflow and automate your tasks. The CRM is fully integrated with Talygen's system to make all of your projects contacts, documents, screen captures & invoices accessible from one single location. Keep up with the pulse of your business by using Talygen.

Key Features

Track Prospects, Leads and opportunities

Talygen helps in keeping the track of prospective customers, sale leads and opportunities of a company. Talygen's CRM tool can be used by the sales team of a company to keep a track of the Prospect from the initial stage to the conversion of the lead into an opportunity.

Notes and follow ups

Users can keep notes and follow ups for the prospects, leads and opportunities which help in better management. Users can also upload files attachment for the leads.

Bulk email

Users can send bulk emails from the email templates. The email templates are configurable by the users. This helps in marketing by the sales team of the company.



  1. Automate the process of communicating with your clients.
  2. Track Leads and sales.
  3. Web and mobile applications.
  4. Store and share documents.
  5. Faster lead conversions.
  6. Efficient customer service.
  7. Real-time analytics.
  8. Day to day follow ups and reminders to users.
  9. Import bulk leads.
  10. Helps sales team to better understand the requirements of clients.
  11. POP3/SMTP accounts for bulk and individual email communication

Talygen's CRM tool takes care of all your Customer Relationship Management needs. Talygen offers flexibility and provides you the ability to make the right decisions for your business.