Issue Management & Ticketing System

Automatic Screenshot Tracker

A company can now utilize Talygen’s built in ticketing functionality. You can now have your own ticketing system to help keep track of any open issues. This system can be used for internal issues or customer concerns. Tickets can be opened by any user/client. There are various options for the Ticketing system and once all the options are filled in the ticket, it will be put into the queue and directed to the correct person. The Tickets in the queue then assigned to authorized users. The queued tickets can easily be viewed using the manage ticket screen.You'll be amazed at how seamless TALYGEN works. You can create and manage tickets on the go from any smart phone you use (Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry).

Key Features

Issue Tracker

Talygen provides companies with the inbuilt issue tracking software with which users can raise a ticket/issue to company. The authorized users can then work on resolving the issue.

Customer Service

Ticketing system in Talygen helps you with customer services as well. Clients can also raise tickets in case of any issues they have. You and your client can easily keep track - the status of the ticket via issue tracking software.


The users can schedule the follow up for the tickets they are working on. The follow up works as a reminder for the users working on the tickets. This makes sure that every issue is been resolved and closed.


  1. Priority level of Ticket can be set.
  2. User can also reply to Tickets and also 'save as draft' before submitting reply.
  3. The ticket can be transferred to anyone within departments or different department leads.
  4. Day to day follow ups and reminder options are available to users who have been assigned tickets.
  5. You can send attachments with the ticket, which will help understand and solve tickets quickly.
  6. Can set the automatic ticket locking duration.
  7. Users receive notifications on dashboard regarding the ticket activities like closure, reply, transfer etc.