Event Management

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Talygen’s Event Manager module enables organizations of all size to manage their events. It helps users to create and manage events, meetings, occasions, conferences etc. Users can create events, invite other users, set recurring events, set reminder notifications for events and set priority. The Event Management module is integrated with the Calendar Interface. All the events can be managed from one screen with three different views: day, week and month. The Event Management module also manages Google calendar events and project or task events.

Key Features

Manage Event

Users can easily manage their birthdays, date of joining, holidays, leaves, absences, pending/approved leaves, work during company holidays and other events from a single screen. Users can set priority and can also invite other users to the event.

Google events

Talygen’s Event Manager also allows Users to manage Google events. The User can fetch multiple calendars and can manage them from the Event Management module.

Manage event location

For any special event, Users can set the event location as per company location and other details. They can mange the event location with the available capacity and can further make modifications.


  1. User-friendly and secure.
  2. Easy management in 3 different views- Day, week and month.
  3. Provides leave status information.
  4. Google calendar integration.
  5. Fully-secured one screen management.