Time tracker for Android

Using the new Talygen Android time tracking software with its easy-to-use interface, you can now keep a track of your business from your Android enabled smartphone. This app can work with Talygen Time Tracking Cloud, SaaS web application and now supports platforms from Android 1.6 and above and also supports background tracking while you access some other application.

You can track your employees in real time by creating Talygen accounts for them. They can keep track of their time by punching-in and out of a project using their Android device and you can keep a tab on all this via the web app. If you have a business where you charge by the hour, like doctors, lawyers or freelancers, you will find this app especially useful.

This cloud-based app keeps your time-track updated via the time tracking server and using the web-app, you can export reports in convenient formats. Even if you lose your device, your data is still safe online and can be accessed with your login only.

You can now view day-wise entries of time tracking done on the web app. You can select projects, enter their description, track time, mark them as billable or otherwise, edit/delete already clocked time entries, and you can also resume on old time tracking jobs.

All you have to do is create an account at Talygen, download the Talygen time tracker app to your android device and get started by logging in. Last but not least, excellent support is provided on email and via the online support system.