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How to add a Job Post and manage applicants?

In this section, job post can be created. This job post will be displayed at your company’s job board from where the applicants can apply directly. To create a job post follow the below given steps.

For an instructional demonstration video click here.

1. Go to Full Menu > Hiring.
2. Select the designation& department.  
3. Enter the postions and close date.
4. Select the annual salary range and experience.
5. Select the location, open to, manager and reviewers.
6. Enter the short description and description.
7. Click Submit and to create the job post.

How to apply from external link?

1. To view the number of applicants who applied go to full menu, click on hiring. On hiring screen, in job post listing, click on the number of applicants of the particular job post.
2. Then at applicants screen you can view the list of applicants who applied for the post. To view a particular applicant’s details, click on his name in the listing.
3. To download applicants resume click on ‘Download resume button’.
4. To hire the applicant, click on hire button. Hiring will automatically convert the applicant to user.
5. To give notes to the applicant, click on ‘Add new note’ button and select the visibility and mention the note in description.
6. To rate the applicant; click on ‘Rating’ tab and star rate the applicant.
7. To attach any document to applicant’s profile, click on ‘documents’ tab. Click on browse and upload the file.