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Gantt Chart

Gantt chart is a simple and seamless visual representation of a project plan. It is graphical representation of the start and end of the terminal and summary elements of the project. The Gantt chart in Talygen gives clear graphic illustration of the project status in horizontal bars.
The Gantt chart clearly shows the order in which the tasks need to be completed. Over all, it helps project managers to become more organized with their project management. To manage the project in Gantt chart follow the below given steps.

For an instructional demonstration video click here.

1. Go to Full Menu > Project.
2. Click the Gantt Chart icon.

The status of tasks in project is shown in 8 different colors namely:
Green – Active
Blue – Completed
Violet – Failed
Yellow – Suspended
Red – Undefined
Purple – Inactive
Orange – In progress
Brown – Planning

1. As shown in the Figure above - Testing Project1 is the project under which various tasks are created. The users can create multiple tasks and drag them to set the 'Start Date' and 'End Date'.
2. Insert Below and Insert Above - The users can add more task in between by using 'Insert Below' if the task has to be added below, 'Insert Above' if the task has to be created above the particular task.
3. Create Dependencies - Double click upon the task to create dependency. Click on dependency tab and select the task and days for dependency. Then click on 'save'

4. To view task details: click upon the task tab

5. To add the resources, click on the task and select the users.