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How to add User Feedback?

In this section, user’s feedback can be added. To add feedback, follow below given steps.

For an instructional demonstration video click here.

1. Go to Full Menu > Configuration > User
2. At the user listing screen, select a particular user and click on Feedback tab.

3. To add feedback question, click on add feedback icon.
4. Enter the feedback question; select the status and accessibility of the feedback whether public or private. Public feedback will be visible to the person for whom the feedback has been started. But in private, it will not be visible to user.
5. Select ‘Is anonymous’, to hide the identity of the user but at least 3 users for feedback are necessary in this case.
6. Select the users to provider feedback. Click on ‘Save’ to add feedback question.

7. Providing Feedback- (Login from the selected user) Go to provide feedback from full menu. Click on the feedback question and enter the feedback in Feedback answer. Click on submit to submit the feedback.