Real Estate Industry

Every realtor wants to upgrade their operations to step up in the market to thrive in today's cut-throat competition. Real estate companies should use automation solutions to help with their daily operations. A globally-trusted platform, Talygen's CRM (customer relationship management) solution helps realtors to manage their business better and get maximum workflow productivity. From instantly capturing customer questions and rendering the best solution to every customer, Talygen's CRM system helps to manage your customer relationship better.

The all-in-one CRM system allows realtors to run and manage responsive campaigns, track performance reports, and get maximum paying customers on a single platform. It helps you resolve your challenges to plan projects, budget effectively, and well-execute to ensure better results in cost-effective budgets. With the assistance of advanced project management software, realtors can also simplify their daily tasks.

Streamline Smooth Workflow Management

Easily customize, schedule better, and manage your hectic real estate workflows with Talygen's CRM software. Keep updated with every update on customizable dashboards, monitor and track the entire sales process, and improve operational efficiency.

Get Rid of Manual Spreadsheets

Talygen eliminates your hectic manual process that slow-down your workflow efficiency. Talygen's project management software allows you to store information securely and centrally on cloud servers that allow you to easily share details with other employees.

Build Better Customer Relationship

Talygen's CRM software for the real estate industry manages the entire business operations, from capturing quality leads, tracking, daily resource scheduling, and expense analysis on a single platform. It helps you instantly track customer inquiries and quickly respond with the best solutions to improve customer experience.

Real Estate Case Study

The Challenges

The real estate company was struggling with a high workload that yielded workflow management and productivity inefficiency. By working under pressure, the workers were not tech-savvy and faced the problem of dealing with exceeding the expectations of the customers. Furthermore, they were manually managing their projects which consumed a lot of effort and time that could be spent performing other core activities. As a result, the real estate company missed deadlines, affecting customer experience. Therefore, the company wants an easy-to-use and advanced solution that helps them simplify its operations and improve performance.

  • Unable to manage high workflow
  • Difficulty in tracking projects and managing deadlines
  • Low employee efficiency and productivity

The Solution

Talygen analyzed the real estate company challenges and workflow plan. As per the analysis, the real estate company needed CRM and project management software to overcome its challenges. With Talygen's CRM software, they could automate their daily business process, which helped to increase their workflow efficiency. Furthermore, the fully-functioned leads management system increased property visitors by targeting the potential audience and getting maximum conversions. Talygen's project management software helps keep the real estate clients in the loop and tracks every detail on the smart centralized dashboard. It helped to improve operational productivity and customer relationship.

  • Task Management
  • Track real-time updates on a centralized platform
  • Streamline smooth communication
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Maximize operational productivity

The Benefits

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Simplify operations with automation
  • Better workflow and resource management
  • Helps to manage multiple projects and efficiently meet deadlines