Easy-to-Use and Efficient Employee Training Solution

In the changing and fast-paced dynamics of the business world, manual employee training management is exhausting and time-consuming. However, having cloud employee management software can ease daily activities and simplifies training programs. Talygen's employee management, HR, and performance review solutions help businesses track and manage their employees more efficiently and straightforwardly. From uploading files, tracking and assigning training programs and tracking, and creating customized reports, our solution offers a simplified and enhanced experience for all your new employees. Best of all, Talygen can help reduce paperwork, making it an economical and environmentally-friendly choice for your business.

Lessen Training Cost

With cloud employee training software, businesses don't need to make arrangements for physical infrastructure and manual material for conducting training programs. It reduces the cost associated with stationary expenses and in-person employee training.

Advanced Reporting

Talygen performance review software offers detailed analytics and intuitive reports on every employee's performance. It allows you to customize reports as per your need with just a few clicks.

Effective Feedback System

Talygen ensures you easily get accurate employee feedback with a cloud-based performance review system. The performance review software is equipped with built-in features that organize data and estimate whether the training program is worth the resources or not.

Employee Training Case Study

The Challenges

The company struggles with effective employee management with growing concerns about data breaches and privacy. Performing a manual approach for several years pulls them back to step up and matches the spirit of a fast-paced and competitive marketplace. The company's managers used this manual functioning that includes several tedious activities, like maintaining spreadsheets for employees' training sessions, preparing manual training material, omissions, and in-accuracy in tracking training requirements and employees' performance. Hence, the company decided to seamlessly train their employees and manage them in a more simplified manner with a cloud-based solution.

  • Manual employee training schedules, reviewal, and feedback processes are time-consuming
  • No central platform for training sessions, a record of learning, and real-time accessibility
  • Long hours consumed on preparing manual training material

The Solution

Talygen's all-in-one employee management solution offers a secure and convenient way to create, manage, assign, and track your employee training sessions. Also, managing your employee information and training material with Talygen is easy. All your data is stored securely in our cloud-based platform, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and accessible to authorized users only.

Talygen is an intuitive and straightforward software suite that helps you deliver the best employee experience with performance reviews and HR functionalities. By implementing Talygen cloud solutions, the company could manage its multiple needs on a centralized dashboard, including employee onboarding, scheduled training, and performance. The company can also prepare detailed reports for their employees with a few clicks. Other benefits of Talygen include:

  • Efficient and cost-effective solution for employees management
  • Easy-to-use and feature-rich functionalities
  • Encourages paperless process

The Benefits

  • Reduce cost compared with the traditional approach
  • Seamlessly manage and evaluate employee performance
  • Highly scalable and cloud-based automated solution
  • Increased workplace efficiency and productivity