All-in-One Solution to Better Manage Your Digital Workforce

Digital Workspaces have become essential for organizations. Remote workers may want to work in a separate space from their homes. While every business has its unique priorities, challenges, and objectives, an instant shift to the digital workspace is quite complicated.

Meanwhile, advanced automation solutions can make the digital workspace easily work for every business. With future-ready centralized solutions at Talygen, you can accelerate your digital workspace and streamline operations. The software has multiple modules to help you smoothly go digital and scale your business.

Actively Monitor and Manage Remote Workforce

Make every second count of remote employees by tracking their real-time activities, capturing a screenshot, keystrokes, and mouse clicks, and generating accurate timesheet reports.

Accurately Estimate Performance and Productivity

With Talygen's advanced Performance Review software, accurately measure your employee performance by setting up goals and sharing feedback to keep them productive.

Streamline Business Operations

Get a fast and seamless experience with centralized management of your business operations. Talygen offers an intuitive centralized dashboard that keeps you updated on the entire organization's performance on a single screen.

Digital Workspace Case Study

The Challenges

We determine the need for upgrades and streamlined processes to accelerate our digital workspace. We had to enhance our business operations and resource management process. Moreover, we didn't have any centralized platform to manage our multiple departments, projects, and remotely working employees. As a result, we struggled through tedious manual processes to make our things work out. But then, it couldn't prove result-driven or budget-friendly to get the best of the digital workspace. The manual process consumed a great chunk of employees' efficiency and productivity that can be used to manage other ROI-driven activities. Therefore, we decided to call for automation to step up our digital workspace.

  • Unavailability of a common platform to manage resources and business operations
  • The manual process took a lot of time that lessened workflow efficiency
  • Unable to estimate employees' productivity

The Solution

Talygen deployed a cloud-based centralized platform that can act as a functional employee management solution for the digital workspace. The software featured automated employee attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll management on a single platform. It eliminated the tedious manual process of tracking each employee's attendance and checking their availability. In addition, the time tracking functionalities allow for tracking employees' productive hours, which results in accurately estimating employee productivity. To accelerate the digital workspace, Talygen also implemented its performance review solution to seamlessly measure employees' performance and efficiency. It allows for creating goals and required questionnaires and sharing feedback online to estimate employee performance accurately.

Most importantly, the software saved a lot of time with centralized management. It clearly shows the entire organization's operations, performance, and real-time status on a single pane of glass.

  • Seamless employee management system
  • Advanced workflow management
  • The automated process leverages efficiency and productivity
  • Data-rich visibility with centralized management

The Benefits

  • Streamlined digital workspace operations
  • Increase operational efficiency with automation
  • Simplify operations at a cost-effective budget
  • Accuracy and ease in performance analysis
  • Proactive employee management system
  • User-friendly Interface