Desktop, Web and Mobile Time Tracking

Talygen's time tracking tool can be the difference between an exhausted over-worked team and an enthusiastic, efficient machine that finishes projects before deadlines. You will love this simple time tracker if your goal is to manage billable and non-billable tasks online and offline from your desktop, smart phone or a modern web browser on any Internet-capable machine or device. Store, pause and save time entries on the cloud. Talygen is created with only one goal in mind: to help you better manage your employees and the tasks involved on a daily basis through one complete, turnkey solution. Talygen has a desktop time tracking software and a mobile time tracking app. Through it, company administrators and business owners can access and review any information that has been logged into the system for evaluating employee performance or reviewing any particular project's progress. It also allows company administrators to accurately gauge all the work that is being completed internally within the office daily. Talygen's web time tracking can be used to track your time and progress from virtually any place and system, including Linux, Windows and Mac. The time can be tracked against projects and tasks.


Key Features

Time Tracker

An advanced, state-of-art simple time tracker clock for teams. You can track time for a project or task on any system and mark your work as billable or non billable. You can also view the time entries in either 12- or 24-hour format. Manual entry for time tracking is available. The time entry can be paused and resumed as well.

Desktop and Mobile Client

You can track time not only from the web application but also from the desktop and mobile applications. The desktop time tracking software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. The Mobile application is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


The time tracked with this tool for a project helps in calculating the time spent on a particular task. User can view the tracked hours, start and end time along with the paused hours in it. The reporting section gives a full suite of features that help you to determine the exact information that you need to manage your tasks.



  1. Automate invoicing and billing.
  2. Know the effort being spent on each project or task.
  3. Let the client know how much time was spent on a task.
  4. Compare planned costs versus actual costs.
  5. Measure employee performance.
  6. Turn on automatic synchronization.
  7. Manually enter time for a task.
  8. Use without internet.
  9. Set up weekly time limits for each project, user wise.
  10. Capture screenshots from Windows/Linux/MAC Desktop systems.
  11. Track time on the go from different devices; smartphones running on Android, Windows, Blackberry, iPhone, ipads, Tabs.
  12. Capture time in 12/24 hour format.
  13. Pause/Resume feature on time tracking.

Desktop Features

Talygen keeps track of all your work conveniently right on your desktop. Additionally, you can also edit old time entries and add new tasks without having access to web. The desktop application lets you track billable and non-billable tasks that can be reviewed to analyze profitability reports. Utilizing the desktop tool enables you to easily track time for multiple projects throughout your day. Also the desktop app enables the usage of screenshot feature, which allows managers and clients to easily track project progress.