Human Resource Management

Talygen's Leave management feature enables you to apply leaves online, view balanced leaves and track your employees leave information from one central place. Employees' leave transactions are accurately tracked and balanced leaves are automatically updated.

Key Features

Leave Management

The leave management tool in Talygen helps users and employees to apply for vacations or time off. It is very helpful for the management to keep track of the leaves of their employees. Users can create different types of leaves for their companies. The leave types can be created with different rules.


The attendance of the company can also be managed by users. The detailed reports can be captured for attendance. Users can also customize the holiday calendar of the company.

Calendar View

Talygen provides the calendar view to users. The calendar helps in knowing different information like the holidays, leaves, birthdays etc of the users.

Easy Access to all the Modules

The Talygen's Dashboard gives users easy access to each module with the menu items on the top. User can access full menu anytime and view sitemap for the whole application.



  1. Manage Leave Information.
  2. Custom Leave Types.
  3. Manage Leave Requests.
  4. Monthly Report.
  5. Set the Leave Approval.
  6. Provision to provide bonus leaves or deduct leaves.
  7. Automatic calculation of leave duration based on user shift and working week timings.
  8. Can only apply for leave types that are assigned to users.


The Attendance is tightly integrated with the company's user data. The Company Admin can mark attendance of each employee for each location and shift.

  1. Keeping track of attendance.
  2. Consolidated data of attendance.
  3. Check on Employee absenteeism.
  4. Visually appealing.
  5. Auto Update of the approved leaves in attendance.
  6. Apply for leave from attendance screen.
  7. Attendance can be maintained for different locations and shift wise.


Talygen provides the calendar view for the HR tool. With the Calendar view users are able to see the company schedule with regards to the holiday and the leaves applied for by users.

  1. All Over Company view.
  2. Easy access to view the company leaves/holiday detail.
  3. View calendar shift / user wise.
  4. View leave detail of specific date.
  5. View the pending leaves as well.
  6. View user calendar working for same team.
  7. Easy to view users leave details on any given date.
  8. Can view birthdays/Date of joining.
  9. Helps to see approved and pending approval leaves of users.