Online Expense Tracker

Talygen’s primary objective is to make everything simple. With this approach, we are providing an online expense tracker. This expense tracking software is customizable, efficient and reduces operational cost; providing speedy reimbursements as well.

This online expense tracker assists businesses to take right kind of financial decisions. These days, businesses are growing at an exponential rate; therefore, it is really essential for you to have an expense tracker software or online expense monitor.

Talygen allows companies and its employees to enter and manage expenses done by them for different projects on different trips and get them reimbursed through its expense tracking software. The user can enter expense detail by creating expenses and adding any billing detail as an attachment to the online expense tracker.

Key Features

Track the Expense

Talygen's expense tracking software helps in tracking real-time expenses. The users can submit the expense reports online and in real time on the basis of projects, trip, and category. Also, you can easily manage your expenses via Talygen’s expense tracker online.

Bulk Upload Expenses

Talygen’s online expense software allows users to upload their own expenses in bulk. If you have multiple expenses, you can anytime import them after creating Excel sheets. You can further send these expenses for approval with the help of Talygen’s inbuilt approval chain mechanism.

Expense Limit

To avoid extra expenses, Talygen’s online expense tracking software provides a feature called Expense Limit under which companies can restrict expenses by putting a certain limit upto which employees can get reimbursement from their companies. Beyond this limit, users have to manage expenses on their own. You can set this Expense Limit from Project Management module.



  1. The user can report expenses incurred during different project related trips and get them reimbursed.
  2. The online expense monitor helps in calculating profits from a project.
  3. Detailed expense report helps in determining the project incurring high costs.
  4. Reimbursement of expenses by client or company.
  5. Limit the expense category for a project to avoid loses.
  6. Monitor day to day expense limits by defining per day expense limits.
  7. Define whether approval is required or not for an expense incurred within a project.
  8. Faster tracking through the Talygen Smartphone application – click picture to send an attachment.