Project Management Software

Turn your next big idea into reality through its meticulous execution with Talygen's web-based project management software that lets you manage all of your projects successfully and conveniently. It comes packed with all the tools you will need to make your business expand and grow.

Key Features

Management of Projects

View all your projects in a list and control which projects your teams can work on in the Talygen's task management software. Compare the planned order of activities against how things actually panned out.

Keep Track Of All the Projects

View project details, the hours tracked on a project and also all the files uploaded for a project with the project manager tools.


Easily communicate with teammates, clients and everyone concerned with your projects through Talygen's online project management tool. You can also share files and documents.



  1. Monitor start and end dates.
  2. Review screenshots to ensure productivity.
  3. Interact with the team using the message board.
  4. Upload and store documents in secure and safe cloud storage.
  5. Track project progress with milestones.
  6. Review, export and print spreadsheets, PDFs and other reports.

Talygen's web based project management software helps in creating estimates and planning; organizing and managing everyone involved in a project. You can also see overviews, read messages, assign tasks, measure milestone, store files and manage the teams involved. By default a record of all your activities is maintained for reference.



  • Figure out correct time estimates.
  • Keep an eye on project progress.
  • Utilize available resources.
  • Stay in your budget.
  • Communicate in real-time.
  • Create milestones.
  • Generate Invoices against milestones.

See Where the Day Went

Talygen's online project management software offers business owners and company administrators the ability to monitor team members' activities at any given point in the day. Companies can receive instant feedback on internal activities. Clients can also send reports to colleagues to ensure their business is running seamlessly.

Task Lists

Talygen is an innovative project management tool that divides projects into small, manageable tasks.