Live Chat

Automatic Screenshot Tracker

Talygen Live Chat “Socialize” module is a web chat that allows Users to communicate within in a Company. Users can create groups for group chat and can also chat with individual person. In addition, every User who is included in the group chat or single chat can view their history logs.

Key Features

Group Chat

Users can easily interact in group. In group chat mode, multiple Users can be added. Users can chat with other online Users or leave messages to offline Users.

File sharing

Users can share files easily with Talygen’s Live Chat module. You can share documents, images, screenshots and many more things..

Log View

The message gets automatically saved in the database and thus allows Users to view the communication history from within the chat window. The Users included in the group chat can access the logs.



  1. User friendly interface
  2. Effortless navigation
  3. Interaction with multiple users at same time.
  4. Personalized communication.
  5. Users connect/disconnect status auto update.