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Approvals are a set of rules created in Talygen to help you keep controls on any time entry, expenses, and leave. You might require an approval or a set of approvals for certain actions

Key Features


Managers now have better control over their employees. A manager can easily keep track of employees. They can review time tracking and expenses for employees as well as leaves.

Approval Group and Approval chain

Talygen empower its users with approval group. Approval group is the group of approvers who hold the approval right that further makes approver chain sequence for approval purpose.

Flexible Rules

Users can make specific rules for the approvals as needed. The system provides a lot of flexibility for creating the rules. The rules can have the multi approval level; it can be limited for fixed period.


  1. Better Control over leave, expense and time entry.
  2. Gives the Company admin the benefit of delegating approval authority to managers.
  3. Can set rules on the basis of projects and users.
  4. Multi approver process
  5. Approvals have the flexibility to be set up however you need them to be.
  6. You can set a rule with many different variables to meet your needs.