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Talygen's powerful graphical Reports and Charts allow Managers to keep up with the overall status of Projects. Talygen provides numerous visual tools such as Gantt Charts, Roadmaps, Resource Planning Charts, and multiple other tools to help organize your Company.

Talygen's Gantt Chart and Roadmaps visually enable you to view deep insights regarding the progress of a Project. The Gantt Chart Software primarily focuses on visually presenting your Project plan and managing it on a single screen. It offers numerous features and functionalities. Users can view the order in which Tasks need to be completed, create Task dependencies, and help others to understand the Task relationships. Managers can quickly add multiple Tasks and create sub-Tasks within a particular time interval.

The online Roadmap lines out the path of your Project. It empowers you to visually represent the plan of the Project development cycle that depicts the Phase, Stage, Task, and Milestone.

Manage Gantt Chart

Intuitive and Easy to Manage Gantt Chart

Talygen provides an advanced Gantt Chart creator. An entire chart can be managed from a single screen. To manage the Gantt Chart, users have a variety of options, such as the ability to create and edit a Team, view details, edit Projects, sync Project progress, and much more.

Road Map

A High Level overview of the Project Goals

Talygen offers a high level graphical overview of the Project's goals and deliverables with the Roadmap functionality. It allows Users to visually represent the plan of the Project development cycle that depicts the Phases, Stages, Tasks, and Milestones.

View Work Done By Percentage Amount

View the percentage of Work Done

Talygen allows Users to view the Project progress through a graphical view. The Users can see the percentage of work complete for both Tasks and Projects. This gives them an idea regarding the productivity of the work done by an Employee.

Task Information

Seamlessly Enter Task Information

Project Managers can easily manage and assign Tasks to their available resources. They can add the description and other information for the Task to be completed by the Employee. The PM can also access Task information and updates for items that have been assigned to Users.

Change Project Dates

Drag to Change Project Dates

Users can easily drag a Task to directly change its date intervals. All dates for a Project can quickly be changed in this way. This functionality boosts the productivity by decreasing the number of steps needed to add a new date interval to a Task.

Task Dependencies

View Task Dependencies

The resource planning charts help project managers to create dependencies between Tasks and effectively control the work breakdown with the Gantt Chart creator. This will result in the creation of Task dependencies where the completion of one Task will rely on another Task.

Task Relationship

Effortlessly Create Parent and Child Tasks

With visualization chart Business Managers and Company Admins can create Task relationships by dividing large Tasks into smaller Tasks. The smaller Task will become the child Task, which will fall under a parent Task. Child Tasks can be distributed among team members to begin work on them. The completion of all the child Tasks will lead to the end of the parent Task.

User Friendly

Easy to Use Interface

Both the roadmap and Gantt Chart features offer a User friendly interface. Users can easily create both charts. They can seamlessly start visualizing their Project with a Roadmap and then visualize its planned completion with the help of a Gantt Chart Software.

Features of Gantt chart and Road Map
  • Customizable Start And End Date
  • View Work Done In Percentage
  • Customizable
  • Task Dependency
  • Add And Shift Rows
  • Drag and Drop Dates
  • Monitor Assigned Work
  • Stages, Tasks And Milestones
  • All Information On A Single Page
  • 2-Dimensional Representation
  • Task Description
  • Project Roadmap
  • Task Dependencies
  • Sync Project Progress
  • Add and Remove Resources
  • Differentiate The Task With Colors
  • Zoom In And Zoom Out Facility
  • Create Sub-Tasks
  • Add Multiple Tasks
  • Project Information
  • Track Scheduled Tasks
  • Everything On A Single Screen

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