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  • Social Media Integration for Widespread Event Promotion
  • Compatible with Google Calendar for Enhanced Organization
  • Effectively Manage Event Budget with Expense Tracking
  • View & Modify Attendee Details for Seamless Registration
  • Create & Record Online Ticket Sales
  • Personalized Registration Experiences
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Event Management

Talygen offers a comprehensive event management solution that enables organizations of all sizes to plan and execute events such as meetings and conferences seamlessly. With Talygen's Virtual Event Management Software module, users can effortlessly strategize, organize, and manage events.

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Powerful Scheduling Tool

Talygen's Best Event Management Software includes a calendar containing all event information. The calendar displays information about many customizable metrics such as employee anniversary dates, performance reviews, training, upcoming events, and pending leave requests. The calendar can also integrate with Google Event Management.

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Impeccable Organization

Talygen's Virtual Event Management Software is integrated with Gantt Chart. If you add tasks through the Gantt Chart, they will reflect on the event calendar. Accordingly, administrators can allocate tasks or send invitations to users.

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Tie Everything Together with Google Calendar

Talygen offers Google Calendar integration with the event management system. Users can share events under Google Event Management in their Talygen account.

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Maximum Visibility

The Event Management Module is universally attached to most of the other modules in Talygen, such as the time tracker. When users track their time for tasks related to a project, it automatically reflects on the event calendar and shows the user’s tracked time. Users can view this on their event calendar.

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Online Ticket Sales

Talygen’s virtual event management software system enables you to create tickets within the app. All the tickets generated for the event are sold from Talygen, which lets you keep track of the ticket count and record your net sales. You can see all your ticket sales for a day or a month, which gives you a clear view of the net sales.

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Simple Budgeting

You can outline items for all expenditures and assign them to categories for easy tracking. Also, you can track estimated and actual costs for a more detailed picture. Share budget details with staff, vendors, suppliers, and clients via our Web-based event budgeting software tool so everyone can see budgets in real-time.

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Manage Different Venues in Different Locations

Event organizers can create multiple venues for the same location or various venues for different locations. You can also set up the venue's layout in a customized format with the help of an effective event management system. These layouts will help you set up your event and let attendees view their seating.

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Engage Employees

Talygen’s Best Event Management Solution allows managers to create events for employees. While creating an event, users can select the employees that will be attending. Users can also be invited to the event. Company admins can access all employees’ calendars. Here, users can view birthdays, anniversary dates, absentees, approved leave requests, and pending leave requests. Users can only view the information approved for them.

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Set Recurring Events

Talygen's Event Management Software Module allows users to create recurring events on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. The software allows a single event to be held on a specified day or time and can help the company save time.

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Customizable Permission Settings

Company admins can set permissions for viewing other employees’ calendars. Also, admins can permit specific employees to get viewing rights for other users' calendars as desired.

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Manage Attendees

Talygen's Event Management Project Solution allows users to check the availability of both team members and clients. After reviewing their availability, users can send event invites to team members and clients. They can also send invites to anyone that is unavailable.

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Attract Attendees with Social Media

Talygen’s Event Management Module integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Promoting your event on social media is made easy with Talygen. All the changes that are made within your Talygen event will be automatically updated on the social media platform.

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Tailor your Registration Experience

Talygen’s Event Management System gives you a real-time view of your attendee list and their registration status. You can also access all of your attendee details, modify their registration, and add new attendees.

Features of Event Management Solution
  • Event Management According To Day, Week And Month
  • Event Location
  • Events In A Calendar
  • Configure Availability
  • Integration With Google Events
  • Recurring Events
  • Create Team Events
  • Screen Management
  • View Calendar Information
  • Send Event Invites
  • View Others Calendar
  • Event Management Project Tracker